Friday, 11 February 2011

Today in Luxor

It is really hard to give a cohesive view of the situation as so many people have very different views and at different times. There is
1) Mubarak should leave
2) Mubarak and his entire cabinet should leave
3) if there is a vacuum of power the Muslim brotherhood will take over
4) If there is a vacuum of power there will be chaos
5) We need stability I can not feed my family
6) Problem what problem we do not have TV or internet, one of my chickens is sick if it dies we will have a problem
7) We should accept what he says and wait until Septembers elections
8) Mubarak should stay
9) Soliman should take over
10) We have all the concessions we wanted
11) the army should take over

And that is just a few and some people swing from one to another, some have combinations. It is a very confusing time. I just hope it is resolved soon and Egypt remains peaceful.


Sandro said...

plese Jane, can you inform us about the situation of the sites in Luxor? Are opened all?

Peter Kirchem said...

Jane...couldn't have put it better myself! So many conflicting views and opinions...and in the meantime Luxor is empty. Had lunch at the Amoun Hotel today and then spent 2 hours on a bicycle flogging around the fields. Brilliant! Up the revolution....

Jane Akshar said...

If you read the whole blog you will see the sites are open, have always been open and there are no problems

Peter Kirchem said...

here's the link to my blog if anyone is interested..

Jane Akshar said...

Really enjoying your blog Peter

craig said...

Hello Jane, I am coming to Luxor, for the 22nd time on the 27th March, thanks for all the updates. I have been chatting to my Egyptian friends and they tell me Luxor is very quiet with very few tourists. As if things were not bad enough before for the people who depend on the tourists.Mr Asaad, at American Express tells me the hotels are only 5% occupied! Well, I will be back soon doing my bit, and if other tourists did likewise things would get back to normal. I appreciate the Cairo news coverage is all we see and this will concern visitors but my Egyptian friends tell me Luxor has been fairly low key in terms of protests and NO TOURISTS have been targeted or bothered. Hopefully this whole mess will be sorted out soon. Craig

Donald Clark said...

Not sure that the list represents the people as the people have spoken and Mubarak and his entire oligarchy have gone. Look forward to returning to Luxor soon to support the young people of Egypt who have shown the sceptics that freedom really does matter. The whole world (apart from other dictators) feels happy for Egypt today.

sonomapete said...

I am glad to see things are normal in Luxor. But I am very disappointed that the people did not demonstrate the same courage in fighting for their rights as shown by the people in Cairo. After all, corruption has effected the ability of the local people to earn a living in tourism. Why has mass tourism taken hold, with national tour companies bussing groups around, eliminating locals from participating? It's so the tourist money is funnelled north into the pockets of the rich friends of the regime. Why have the historic hotels been handed over to Mubarak's cronies?

Peter Kirchem said...

...shakes his head in incomrephension....!