Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Luxor, Egypt news and events Nov 2011

News from Tahrir Square might make you worried about a forthcoming holiday to Luxor, you needn't worry. During the last 12 months I have seen a a normal Xmas and New Year followed by the revolution. Luxor continued to be the safe, quiet place it has always been. I have driven through demos that smiled and let my taxi through. Luxor is so not Cairo.

Tonight I had 2 sets of guests arrive one in the afternoon and one late at night. Both pickups were totally as normal. We took them to the East Bank supermarket and and the centre of Luxor.

My drivers and staff are frankly frustrated by events at Tahrir, they want peace and stability and are looking forward to voting. So please when the media reports Tahrir remember that is a few thousand people, there are another 80 odd million Egyptians who are looking forward to welcome you to Egypt


Thutmose said...

I'm looking forward to my arrival in March. I wish the best for the people of Egypt and really hope this doesn't have much impact.


Donald Clark said...

Will be there in December as I have been for many years. Now is the time to support Egypt and Egyptians to make their hard won revolution a success.

Jane Akshar said...

Well said and thanks

Rose said...


I am so glad you posted these videos. I am hoping to come to Luxor at the end of January, by myself this time, but my husband is getting VERY concerned as I haven't booked it yet!
I was there when the revolution started and didn't experience any problems and don't expect any this time either. What most people don't realise is that this situation is like saying - do not visit Manchester because there is trouble in London. It just wouldn't happen would it? So it shouldn't happen in Luxor either. I am really looking forward to my trip, one week's cruise (if there's a boat)and one week at the Sonesta. Let's hope things calm down soon.

Anonymous said...

Luxor is the safest place I have ever been. I have been 3 times in the last to years including August this year. I am perfectly happy to walk in any part of the city or countryside at any hour of the day or night and I will be there again in December

Brian Wilson said...

Further to my previous (For some reason annonymous) post, the people in Luxor are incredibly friendly, sure you get hassle, but if you embrace it and talk to the touts you will discover that its not so bad and you will make many friends. Please take a chance and take a holiday in this wonderful city. Talk to the locals and you will discover that there is so much more than you can see in the brochures.