Friday, 25 November 2011

Luxor is safe

I just sent out my roving reporter to comb the streets of Luxor looking for trouble, together with other friends on Facebook we have complied a list of what is going on
1) Big fire on the west bank....they are burning off the sugar cane
2) Member of my household has returned wounded and dirty after big cat
3) Locals assembled in Abu Haggag Square ...having a picnic
4) Rival gangs in face off .... two boys football teams
5) Huge war at the Rammasseum reported...Ramses II’s battle of Kadesh
6) Crowds, cars tooting, gunfire, motorbikes, shouting .... a wedding party
Luxor is 400 miles from the troubles in Cairo and a completely different attitude and mentality. Here most people I speak too don’t understand the demonstrators at Tahrir as they feel concessions have been made, the election process is going ahead and they want the economy to return to normal. Another winter tourist season without visitors would decimate Upper Egypt, tourism is all we have.

On a more formal note the British travel advice says
The overall level of this advice has not changed; there are no travel restrictions in place in this travel advice for Egypt.

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