Friday, 2 December 2011

Animal Welfare of Luxor

Driving to pick up people from the airport the other day I saw a new building with AWOL on it, contacted Pauline and she directed me to a website update. Most animal welfare charities are based on the East Bank yet so much of the rural life takes place on the West so I as a West Bank girl I am delighted to support them (and they have helped with my cats as well).

Animal Welfare of Luxor its efforts on the animals of El Marise and Armant which are the main villages of a very large agricultural area on the west bank of Luxor, just to the south of the main bridge across the river Nile. This is the bridge that you cross over on your way to the ancient sites of the west bank. You may well see us working actually on the bridge or anywhere on either side of this stretch of road. At this moment in time it is difficult Click Here to see pictures of El Marise where AWOL looks after the give you a more precise location as to where to find us on any given day due to us being mobile throughout this area. We would like to meet you whilst you are in Luxor so please Click Here for our contact details and information on where we can meet that you can print off and bring with you.

Looking to the future Animal Welfare of Luxor purchased land in 2009 in order to build the AWOL Centre. The land is ideally located as it is both really easy for the local people to bring their animals to, as well as for visitors to find as they will go right past it when they go to the west bank by road. It was very time consuming, and at times most frustrating, to obtain all the correct building permissions, but once we had them we started building in late March 2011, even though we still lacked the required funds to complete the project.

It is going to be quite different having a centre as well as being mobile but will allow us to do much more for the animals. We will in due course look forward to welcoming you at the centre and we are doing all we can to get everything sorted out and the necessary funds raised, but as this is a long term project it is vital that we get things right, in order to do our very best for the animals and people of this poor area, not just for today but for the future.

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