Thursday, 15 December 2011

University of Basle in Valley of Kings from EEF

The University of Basle is conducting surveys on undecorated tombs in the Valle of the Kings.
Many photos and tomb plans of the undecorated tombs KV 26, KV 29, KV 30, KV 31, KV 37, KV 40, KV 59

Beside KV40 a new discovery was made:
"During the preparations for the protective brick wall on the north side of KV 40, we discovered a manmade feature under a heap of big stones, only 1,5 m from the shaft edge of KV 40. (Fig. 6) The feature measures 1 m by ca. 2 m. Because of its close position to KV 40, it could be a funerary deposit for this tomb. Due to its small size, it could also be just the beginning of an unfinished shaft."




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