Monday, 26 March 2012

New Beauty Saloon on West Bank with European trained staff

I am sitting here with pampered feet, just treated myself to a pedicure at the new shop on the west bank. With no street names it is always tricky to give directions but this is on the main road just before the junction with the old petrol station. Here is a picture of the front of the shop.

Eiysha trained in Camberly, Surrey for two years and we had a long discussion about you can't use the same products on European skin and hair that you can on Egyptian so she does seem to know what she is talking about. My pedicure was wonderful, all the normal stuff with the addition of threading in case there were any small hairs on the toes.

She speaks wonderful English, is completely open about her prices and they are the same who ever you are, recommended!

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Samantha Philpott said...

Yes I noticed the sign a few weeks ago shame I didn't see it earlier I had to resort to using my boyfriend's barber! But very excited about getting my hair done properly and having a pedicure...