Monday, 19 March 2012

Tod Temple Visit

I had guest going to Tod Temple today and she could not believe how deserted it was and just a short distance out of town. Tickets are bought at Luxor temple so this is something that can that can be done on the road to Aswan but not the other way. However it can also be done as a day trip with Moalla and Esna. The tickets are 20LE and say Al Tud Temple, Qena which is a bit confusing. I have been there several times and really enjoy this site.

On going in there is a block yard with loads of pieces which seem to be grouped into period. I definitely saw a 12th dynasty block with Senusert I cartouche and there was 18th, 19th, late period and Roman remains as well as a 5th dynasty cartouche.

According to my Baedeker (which is a great guide book especially for obscure places like this). The large temple was from Ptolemaic and Roman times but there had been a temple on the site as early as Userkaf 5th Dynasty. It had been rebuilt during the Middle kingdom and much enlarged in the New Kingdom. It was in the ruins of the 12th Dynasty temple that the treasure of Amenemhet II was found, now in the Cairo museum. A Coptic church had been built on the site and the temple used for housing. Just outside the precinct there were some Roman baths. The actual temple was small but well restored and featured Montu and his consort Tyenenet.

There was a side chapel or kiosk which has Seti I and Ramses II decoration and what looked like a ramp going towards the Nile. It was of course usurped by Ramses and is actually originally early 18th dynasty.

Now these like piggies were a complete puzzle to me when I first visited but subsequent investigations (I asked the latest archaeologist Christophe Theirs to work there) It is a Coptic offering table discovered by Le Roche in 1930. Area of discovery is not know. It was restored in 2006 (the last animal was glued back in place) when Christoph was working there and placed where I saw it then. They also thought the animals were weird, possible a cat or a dog or even a lion.

It was a very pleasant place and wonderful for a “get away from the tourists” visit. I do recommend it

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Rose said...

Jane, they are such interesting photos! I will definitely visit this site on my next visit.