Saturday, 21 April 2012

Queensland Museum had 'lost' treasure for 100 years | The Australian

Full details about the 'lost papyrus' in Australia and it is our very own Luxor boy Amehotep son of Hapu!!!! 

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Jane Akshar said...

From Rosalind Janssen
I happen to be in Brisbane at the moment, as my brother lives here. The Mummies Exhibition from the British Museum appears to be a sell-out so far. At least on Sunday by the time I reached the museum all the timed tickets for that day had completely gone. There is a small exhibition which includes the Amenhotep, son of Hapu Book of the Dead fragments newly identified by John Taylor, and the gift shop is well stocked with Egyptian items, some of which come from the BM, such as the mummy pencil cases. This exhibition is the biggest and most expensive ever held by the Queensland Museum, in the cultural area of the city only recently re-opened following the devastating flooding in January 2011. there are two late night openings until 9 pm, and plenty of events connected with the exhibition including mummy films and sleep-overs.
Rosalind Janssen