Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Update from Osirisnet

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In the introduction (dated 1974), of the publication which William Kelly Simpson, together with Dows Dunham, dedicated to the monument, he made the following comment about the mastaba of queen Meresankh III, granddaughter of
Kheops: "The extraordinary preservation of the colors in the reliefs is one of the most attractive features of the chapel. ..... A publication of the chapel in color photography would be extremely welcome".

This mastaba of Giza, in which Meresankh had been buried, is also a witness to the importance acquired by the women of the royal family of the IVth Dynasty, in particular of the mother of Meresankh, queen Hetepheres II.

This mastaba tomb of Meresankh III can be found on OsirisNet, with complete photographic coverage :

Thierry Benderitter

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Thutmose said...

The fact that the tomb of Meresankh may be opening just about has me convinced to return next year!