Thursday 24 May 2012

Update from Mansour Boraik

Got my regular phone call from Mansour with lots of updates for the forthcoming season in Luxor.

As you all know the Temple of Isis at Shenhur.has recently undergone restoration and this is preparation for it being opened to the public. They are going to do some site management and it will probably open summer 2013. This is the only Roman building to Isis in Luxor and very significant.

The temple of Mut at Karnak is also going to open but this will be a bit sooner, autumn 2012, again they need to do some site management but less here as there is already a car park, toilets etc. But they do need to do something with the lake.

So something new in Luxor to look forward to on your next visit.


Thutmose said...

I look forward to seeing the Temple of Mut. Is there any possibility of the Khonsu temple being opened anytime?

Jane Akshar said...

Khonsu temple has been open for ages, do you mean the Opet temple? I think that one will be soon as well

AndyC said...

At last :-) It has been a while since i first visited Mut.

Stuart Tyler said...

I am hoping to visit Luxor in late 2013, so the addition of the temple of Mut within my itinerary is a very welcome addition.

Thanks to Jane and Mansour