Sunday, 7 October 2012

Boxing Club in Luxor

Who would have thought it, the noble art in Luxor. An ex-pat Ken Robinson has got a boxing club together and coaches youngsters. Although mainly boys one or two girls take part. Kens coaches Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 5 - 7.30 ages 14 and up mainly boys. Galad teaches Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 5- 7.30 and he teaches under 14s. They meet at Naadi Shab (medina) opposite electric office. Ken says “My aim is to coach the lads to a high level of fitness and boxing skills (maybe one day to have a boy go to Olympics) also as part of their boxing training they need to learn discipline and respect for themselves and others.

I also would like to hold a boxing show here in Luxor and am sure it would be the first time Luxor held such a show.

The lads here are showing a lot of promise now and some are talented, but lack of equipment is holding us back ( we are waiting on sports ministry who have promised us some equipment)

I myself boxed for 13 years and have been coaching for 26 and still get a buzz from it. It has taught me a lot and I don’t regret a minute of it in or out of the ring.”.

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