Thursday, 6 February 2014

Evidence of the Amenhotep III/Akhenaton co-regency!!!

Microsoft Word - asasif _1_.doc - MSA_Asasif_Feb2014.pdf: Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of State for Antiquities Affaires
The Minister’s Office
The Minister of Antiquities, Dr.
Mohammed Ibrahim declared the
discovery of architectural rema
ins (of walls and
columns) in the
tomb of the Vizier Amen-Hotep Huy N
28 in Asasif Area –
Luxor. Some of these remain
s carry scenes showing both
Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV
(father and son) in the same
space, and one following the other. The remains also show
hieroglyphic inscriptions of the
names of both kings beside each
The importance of this
discovery, Dr. Ibrahim says, is that it
presents the defin
itive evidence of
the co regency between
Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV
because it dates exactly at the
beginning of the first Heb-Se
d of Amenhotep II, in the 30
year of
his reign.
Dr. Francisco j. Martin, the Field
and Scientific Director of the
Spanish Mission working in the Asasif
Project said that the project
started in 2009 with a study and ex
amination of the architectural
elements of the tomb and managed to discover a number of
ceramic and structural findings
that are now being graphically


jujocas said...

This is not true. No new evidence has been found for any coregency. No image of both kings together in the same wall in proximity. It’s all hot air by inept ‘egyptologists’ picked up by an Egyptian official.

Jane Akshar said...

I fully expected to see a debate but please make your remarks polite and professional and EXPLAIN your reasoning with reference to the published material

jujocas said...

OK. I don't remember any professional egyptologist say or write that anything he/she found was "definitive proof" of anything. That arrogance doesn't go well in academia where caution is the rule. The general egyptological opinion goes against such coregency, I accept that if the images of both pharaohs (AmIII and IV) had been found together on a wall or column as taking part in some ceremony, THAT would be strong evidence for coregency, but AFAIK each pharaoh was by himself in different parts of the tomb, so going all over the internet proclaiming a great discovery appears as both misleading and daring. Maybe you are unaware that this same people produced a video in Spanish about this tomb in which they say that natron was a mixture of calcium salts or that later people buried there were because the vizier was some kind of 'saint' when it is well known that later burials were due to later people who couldn't afford otherwise. Whoever follows this couple's trajectory over the years as I have starts to have serious doubts about their standing as egyptologists, but I cannot list here the long story of their inadequacy, which I could privately if you are interested.