Monday, 10 February 2014

More about the Amenhotep III/Akhenaton co-regency discovery

For those interested in more details about our discovery, just say, at the moment, waiting for the comprehensive and detailed publication:
1. The context of the research, from the excavations carried out in the chapel of the vizier, indicates clearly the unit on the time of destruction of the decoration, probably carried out by order of the Royal House at time very close to the 30 year Amen-Hotep III.
2. We have a space enclosed with no more two meters between each of the columns that show the inscriptions, paired, Amen-Hotep III/Amen-Hotep IV.
3. In one of the columns with the inscription of Amen - Hotep III it's the mention, about the emergence of the King in the Tjentjat (at the beginning of the year 30 Jubilee)
4. That date, is collected in Kheruef's TT192 as referring to the 27th day of the second month, of the Shemu Season, in the year 30 of Amen-Hotep III.

Therefore, we have:

1. A place: The chapel of the vizier with unfinished decoration and evidence of sudden disruption of decoration in a single chronological moment

2. A monumental Ensemble: four sets of inscriptions with the titles of Amen-Hotep III and Amen-Hotep IV as Kings of Upper and Lower Egypt sculpted by the same craftsmens, at the same time.

3. A closed date: the day 27th, of 2nd month of Shemu Season, of the year 30 of Amen-Hotep III.

Then: it can be concluded legitimately that in the 27th day of the second month of the Shemu Season, in the year 30 of Amen-Hotep III, both Pharaohs were, at the same time, both kings of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Obviously, there is more data but we reserve them for scientific publication.
Certainly, this discovery may alter many old approaches to the topic, but all of us we must be rigorous and not decide under prejudice the new data that gives us the reality, through a careful and rigorous research of those who have been working for five years in an unpublished and non-excavated tomb which today offers these great finds...

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