Monday, 10 March 2014

A lecture on Medamud at Bolton

A few years ago I arranged a trip to Medamud for a gentlemen who was doing research, Ibrahim Soliman kindly gave us permission. Today I got an email from him, BTW how exciting to have helped in his research. He is now in a position to present his findings

Dear Jane

We visited Medamud together, you picked me up at the Sheraton. After all this time my research on the site is nearing conclusion, I am presenting some of my findings in a lecture to Bolton Archaeology & Egyptology Society next Tuesday 18th March. I am pleased to tell you that I have uncovered secrets from the 1st Intermediate period and early Middle Kingdom that will shed new light on architecture and geometry at that time. I am only giving one lecture because I am still a long way from publishing anything but I feel that my discoveries should be shared so that if I am hit with the proverbial bus they will not be lost. After all it has taken 4,000 years for them to be uncovered. (I'm talking provable facts not mere theory or conjecture). If you have any friends in the Manchester area that could be interested please let them know - I assure you they will not be disappointed.

7.30pm Tuesday 18th March 2014  (coffee/tea at 7.15) 
Revelations of Secrets Forgotten for 4000 years The Friends Meeting House, Silverwell Street Bolton BL1 1PP

Non-members £5.00  Members £1.00

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