Thursday, 20 March 2014

Drinking from the river of life Pashedu v Irynefer

Ibeca Francisco Jose Neves just put some photos of Iryner TT290 on his Facebook page and it struck me that the painter of that tomb had taken the same decision I had and I wonder if it is for the same reason.

The tomb of Pashedu has a scene of the deceased drinking which shows a date palm in front.of the deceased.

Now when we decorated the flats we had this huge wall to decorate and needed a picture. As it was above the swimming pool, next to a palm tree I chose a picture from the British Museum - Ancient Egyptian Designs, not wanting the standard pictures on buildings. I thought it was Pashedu and gave the painter a colour picture of that scene from another book. As the painter was doing it he queried the position of the palm tree. One picture showed palm tree in front and the other palm tree behind. We decided it was very boring to cover up the man and although it made the perspective wrong we would put the man in front as he was the most important part of the picture.

It was only after it was finished I realised how wrong it looked but hey ho left it like that.

Now when this picture from Irynefer was put on Facebook I realised they (they being Irynefer/his painter) had chosen palm tree behind, even though the perspective is wrong, they preferred man in front.. I suspect they saw Pashedu's original and rejected it.  Which one do you think looks better?

Edited Dr Ken Griffin has told me that "It seems Pashedu should be dated earlier, based on Davies and Kitchen. Kitchen seems to put him in the reign of Seti I" so it is possible that Irynefer saw his version but preferred man in front.....just like me

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