Friday, 16 May 2014

Animal Boarding for Pets and Rescue Animals

What an excellent idea and it is my neighbour too. Luxor needed boarding kennels. The website is very sparse (underconstruction)

animalrooms | Animal Boarding for Pets and Rescue Animals

but the Facebook page has loads of details

Animal Boarding centre for pets and rescue animals - Luxor West Bank
of the animals gets flea, tick and worming treatment, and are given a
flea/tick collar to protect them in the future. When we think they are
at least 8 weeks old, they are inoculated against Parvo and Rabies.

We would love to keep all of the animals, but there are so many that
need help. Therefore, we would like to rehome some of the puppies, dogs
and kittens, but only to people who really care for animals and who will provide a good home for them.

If you are interested in coming to see the animals just email us on or ring Ali on 010 9832 7210.

We would love to see you, especially if you could give one of them a
good home. If you can’t give an animal a home, we would still like you
to come, especially if you can donate some dog/cat food or treats!

If you already have your favoured pet with you in Luxor, but need to
take a trip, then come and talk to us about us looking after your pet
while you are away. We will provide a safe and comfortable environment
for your pets, and the boarding fees will help the abandoned animals

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