Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pyramids in Luxor

Are the pyramids in Luxor?

Well yes and no. The Giza pyramids are not in Luxor and to visit them will require a 50 minute flight to Cairo but if you look carefully you can find Luxor's pyramids.

There is no evidence what kind of superstructure Mentuhotep built on top of his temple at Deir el Bahri.
However depending on which reconstruction you believe in there might have been a pyramid on top of the temple.

At Deir el Medina the workmans village they built pyramids on top of their tombs.

At Dra Abu Naga above the tombs of Roy and Shu Roy the 17th Dynasty kings built mud brick pyramids and their pyramidions have been discovered by Daniel Poltz. website If you look to the right and slightly up you can see the straight lines of the mud brick on the hillside.

At Gurnayou can clearly see a large pyramid on the hill from the ramaside period
Pyramid in Luxor

The Belgiums have found evidence of another Ramaside pyramid as detailed in a lecture

So yes there are pyramids in Luxor....but not the Giza ones

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