Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Egypt Sudan Graffiti

I am sure everyone has wondered about the old graffitti on temple and tomb walls and if you want to know more I really recommend Egypt Sudan Graffiti

Roger has produced numerous books, he says (via EEF)

Herewith the complete list of my books - there will be no
While I live they will be available, the price stays the
same, each volume 15 Euro (excluding packing and postal expenses).


Volume: I   The
Kiosk of Qertassi- (2001)
Volume: II  The
Temples of  Semna and Kumma- (2003)
Volume: III Philae - The Kiosk of Trajan- (2004)
Volume: IV  Elkab -
The Rock Tombs-(2005)
Volume: V   Thebes
- The Temples of Medinet Habu-(2006)
Volume:VI   Thebes
- The Mortuary Temple of Sethos I (Qurna)-(2008)
The Temple of Hathor (Deir el-Medina) Volume VII  Karnak-Great Temple of Amun-(2009)
Festival Temple-Pillared Hall (Tuthmosis III)
                       Hypostyle-Great Columns 1-12 In
aisle (Ramesses III and IV)
Smaller Columns 75 and 76 (Ramesses II
and IV, Sethos I) Volume VIII Elkab-The Temple of Amenophis III.(2010)(1)
Volume IX  
Thebes-The Ramesseum(2010)(2)
Volume X    The
Temple of Kalabsha (March 2011)(1)
          The Temple of Beit el-Wali
Volume XI   Gebel
el-Silsila, Great Speos of Harenhab, Quarry and
Stelae  (September 2011) (2) Volume
XII  The Luxor Temple (2012), with total
index of the 12

Additional Volume I  
The Temples of Abu Simbel (2012)(I).
Additional Volume II 
The Temple of Dendara (2012)(2) Additional Volume III – Part I: Napoleon
Banaparte in Egypt (2013)
                              Soldiers – Artists
– Scholars
                    Part II: Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt
                       Portrait drawings by AndrĂ© Dutertre

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