Friday, 5 September 2014

Felucca Race Invitation

The Minister for Sport and Youth has requested your presence at a meeting in the Luxor Rowing Club to participate in an exciting event to promote tourism in Luxor.
The meeting will take place at 5.00 pm TOMORROW (Saturday 6th September) and the Minister would like as many people as possible to attend and take part.
The event will be a Felucca Race from Karnak to the Rowing Club and the Minister would like residents to be in the boats with the teams.
The event will be covered by the media so please try to be there if you can as we want to send a message to the world that Luxor is 'Open for Business' and is awaiting visitors old and new.
Please pass on this information to friends who are not on Facebook. Thank you and hope to see you at the Rowing Club tomorrow at 5.00 pm.

via Theresa Clarke on Facebook

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