Sunday, 26 February 2017

Egyptian Entry Visa Price Rise

Egyptian Entry Visa Price Rise

I am really sorry to be unable to give final and definitive confirmation and if anyone finds any I would appreciate am email with the link.

Over the last few days various reports have circulated on social media about increases in both the long term and tourist visa. So changes are definitely happening. What they are and when is the big doubt.

First a price rise to $60 USD on 1st March was reported. Then a delay to 1st July was reported.

That is all I can say, it is rumour, news reports and unconfirmed by any government website. So be prepared. I would bring USD with you in small denominations so you can pay what ever is on the stamp they put in your passport. I would do this whatever your own currency is Euros, Sterling, etc as at least you will be sure you have paid exactly what is due.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Jane. I was already think along these lines for my arrival on 13 March