Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Timeline of my disable access campaign

Aug 2016 I bring a mobility scooter back from the UK and start doing site visits.
Sept 2016 I blog my site visits with the scooter
Oct 2016 First paper produced and presented to Minister and Governor at the world tourism conference
Apr 2017 Email Response from Ministry
May 2017 Site visit with men from Ministry
May 2017 Site visit with John Sherman of ARCE
Jul 2017 Proposal produced with Joanne Stables
Jul 2017 Meeting with Helm
Jan 2018 News reports improvement planned at Karnak and Luxor
Feb 2018 Evidence of improvements

Mar 2018 Flats in Luxor introduces ramps to our apartments
Apr 2018 Site visit to Karnak to view the improvements and meeting with the minister 

Jun 2018 Zahi Hawass supports the campaign!

To go from idea to implementation in less than two years is amazing and makes comments about Egyptian time redundant :)

To read all the blog entries http://luxor-news.blogspot.com.eg/search/label/Disabled
Site Visit with the men from the ministry

Site visit with John Sherman

Meeting with Helm

Article in Nile Magazine

Improvements start at Karnak

Ramps at added at Flats in Luxor
Meeting with the Minister to review changes

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