Thursday, 28 June 2012

Djehuty funeral collection on display for first time in Luxor - Museums - Heritage - Ahram Online

Go to the link for a video. 
Djehuty funeral collection on display for first time in Luxor - Museums - Heritage - Ahram Online: Curators at the Luxor National Museum are preparing a special area to hold objects found inside the tomb of Djehuty, the overseer of works at Thebes during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut, many of which have been in storage for over a decade.

The museum will display a well-preserved sarcophagus of Iker, a Middle Kingdom warrior, along with five arrows made of reeds, three of which still have feathers.

Clay vases and dried flowers bouquets, which were once thrown inside Djehuty's tomb during his funeral ceremony, are going to be exhibited along with faience necklaces, gilded earrings and bracelets.

Two ceramic vase and bottles fabricated during the reign of Tuthmosis III are to be also among the collection on show.

Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online that these objects were carefully selected in order to show the importance and wealth of the deceased as well as to highlight Egypt’s stability and prosperity during Hatshepsut’s reign.

“Djehuty tomb was discovered in 2003 by a Spanish-Egyptian mission which revealed details of an unusual time in Egypt’s ancient history,” Ibrahim said.

He added that such a discovery astonished Egyptologists due to its unusual architectural style and the artefacts unearthed within its corridors which derived from different dynasties.

The tomb’s walls are beautifully decorated with hunting and religious scenes but the most distinguished scene is the one depicting a harpist with two singers standing behind him and with the lyrics of their song engraved above the figures.

Joseh Galain, head of the Spanish mission, said studies revealed that Djehuty was a very important official who lived in the reign of Hatshepsut and died in the reign of King Tutmosis III.

Djehuty would appear to have participated in the construction and decoration of most of Hatshepsut's monumental buildings in Thebes, Galain added.

Moreover, as overseer of the treasury and controller of all the revenues coming from all foreign lands, he would have been responsible for registering all the exotic products, including minerals and spices, brought from the land of Punt as shown on his tomb walls.

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Philae's Hathor temple gets facelift in advance of formal inauguration - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Luxor's Golden Triangle- المثلث الذهبى - الأقصر

Found on Facebook, the pre revolution plans for Luxor, I hope that the post revolution plans include something for the local Egyptians not just tourists. It is embarrassing to see how their needs are ignored.
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Culture Grid at the Egypt Centre - Swansea University

The Egypt Centre now has its collection online at Culture Grid. It was the first museum in the UK to use MODES Complete to put the collection onto Collection Trust's Culture Grid. Download the press release from Culture Grid here.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

KV64 Tomb of the Chantress - Archaeology Magazine

Great article on the new tomb in the Valley of Kings KV64, I particularly loved this quote.  "People have been claiming there was nothing new left to find in the Valley of the Kings for almost as long as they have been digging there."


Tomb of the Chantress - Archaeology Magazine:

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Unconfirmed rumours of Mubarak's death hit Twitter

The Twittersphere is buzz with rumours of the death of ex President Mubarack  and other stories that he is in a full coma. No official confirmation of either story.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Egypt to Meet 1-200th Infantry Battalion |

The Americans are back visiting Egypt!. Seems like Luxor is the preferred holiday destination for Americans these summer, super stars and the army on R and R. Great to see them returning to the best holiday destination in the world, Luxor.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Egypt to Meet 1-200th Infantry Battalion | Making a trip overseas, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited members of the 1-200th Infantry Battalion in Egypt.

The couple stopped by to pose for pictures and spend time with the troops, which posted a photo on its Facebook page with the caption, “While visiting Luxor on a Morale and Welfare trip, members from the MFO, to include 1-200th Soldiers, had the opportunity to meet and take photos with actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie.”

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Choose Egypt for Their Honeymoon

They stayed at the Winter Palace Hotel which is just across the river from us.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Choose Egypt for Their Honeymoon: The bride and groom-to-be toured in Aswan and Luxor where they were impressed by the historical monuments they saw in places such as the Nubian museum, the temples of of Philae, Edfu and others.
The Egyptian Minister of tourism Mounir Fakhri, accompanied the couple during their tour of the area and they promised him that they would come back to spend their honeymoon there.

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“Thebes in the First Millennium BC” October Conference

Dear Colleagues,
The South Asasif Conservation Project is happy to announce the preliminary program of the conference “Thebes in the First Millennium BC”
which will take place in Luxor on October 1-4. There might be additions to the program that will be announced later. The abstracts and registration form are posted on our website, If you have any questions or comments contact us at

Thebes in the First Millennium BC
South Asasif Conservation Project Conference

Preliminary Program

*Day 1: Monday 01 October*

0800 – Registration opens (Mummification Museum)

0900 – Welcome address by Mansour Boraik

Elena Pischikova – The South Asasif Conservation Project.
Julia Budka – Kushite pottery from the Tomb of Karakhamun:
Towards a reconstruction of the use of pottery in 25th Dynasty temple tombs.

1045 – Break

Kenneth Griffin – The Book of the Dead from the Second Pillared Hall of the Tomb of Karakhamun Miguel Molinero Polo – The Hall of the Two Maats. BD 125 in Karakhamun’s funerary chamber.
John Taylor – Identifying Signs of Workshop Production in Theban Funerary Assemblages in the Later Third Intermediate Period.

1300 – Lunch

Dieter Eigner – Some Remarks on the Architecture of TT 223.
Robert Morkot – All in the Detail: Travel style and archaism in Late Libyan-Kushite Egypt.
Ramadan Ahmed Ail, Fathy Yassen Abd El Kerim and MSA Conservation team – Conservation at the South Asasif Necropolis.

1530 – Break

Erhart Graefe – The funerary caches (tombs) of the Third Intermediate Period in Thebes.
David Aston –Royal Tombs at Thebes in the First Millennium BC.
Zbigniew Szafranski - Tombs of the Third Intermediate Period Royal Members in the Deir el-Bahari Necropolis.

1730 – End of day summing up
1800 – Close

*Day 2: Tuesday 02 October*

0900 – Welcome Address by Mohamed Abd el-Aziz Aidan Dodson – The Coming of the Kushites: 25th Dynasty Origins and the 23rd/25th Dynasty transition in Thebes.
Mohamed El Bialy – Title to follow.

Private Tombs, their Architecture, Decoration and Concepts I Silvia Einaudi – Between South and North Assasif: the tomb of Harwa (TT 37) as a “transitional monument”.
Claude Traunecker – Le “palais funéraire” de Padiamenopé, tombe, lieu de pélérinages et bilbiothèque. Etat des recherches.
Isabelle Régen – The Amduat and the Book of the Gates in the tomb of Padiamenope (TT 33).

1130 – Break

Private Tombs, their Architecture, Decoration and Concepts II Christian Greco– The forgotten tomb of Ramose at Sheik ‘Abd
el-Qurna: TT 132.
Gabor Schreiber – Kushite and Saite Period Burials on el-Khokha.
Filip Coppens – The so-called ‘Lichthof’ once more. On the transmission of concepts between Tomb and Temple.

1330 – Lunch.

Style and Iconography of Kushite and Saite Imagery Claus Jurman – A north-south divide? – first steps towards a comparison of Memphite and Theban cultural repertoires during the Kushite and early Saite periods.
Aleksandra Hallmann – Some observations about the representation of the neck-sash in 26th Dynasty Thebes.
Pål Steiner – Representations of funeral rituals in Late Period tombs at Asasif.

1600 – Break

Simone Musso & Simone Petacchi –The inner coffin of Tameramon, a unique masterpiece of Kushite iconography from Thebes. A work in progress.
Alessia Amenta – Vatican Coffin Project.
Cynthia Sheikholeslami – Sokar-Osiris and the Goddesses: Some 25th-26th Dynasty Coffins from the Theban Necropolis.

1800 – Tony Leahy – Another “Kushite” at Abydos?

1830 – Close

*Day 3: Wednesday 03 October (West Bank Visit)*

Timetable of events to follow

*Day 4: Thursday 04 October (Karnak)*

0800 – Karnak visit

1200 – Lunch (Mummification Museum)

1300 – Welcome Address by Ibrahim Soliman
Nadia Licitra, Christophe Thiers, Pierre Zignani – A major development project of the Northern area of the Amun-Ra precinct at Karnak during the reign of Shabaka.
Laurent Coulon – The building activity of the God's Wives of Amun at Karnak during the XXVIth dynasty. New data from recent excavations and unexploited archives.

1430 – Break

Aurélia Masson – Offering Magazines on the Southern Bank of the Sacred Lake in Karnak: A possible reconstruction of the Architectural Phases of the 25th and 26th Dynasty.
Stéphanie Boulet with an introduction by Catherine Defernez – Ceramic Production in the Theban Area from the 25th and 26th
 Dynasties: about new discoveries in Karnak.
Mansour Boraik – Title to follow

1630 – Break
Elizabeth Frood – The development of graffiti practices in Karnak in the early first millennium B.C.: the case-study of the temple of Ptah.
Campbell Price – “Given as a gift of the king”? A statue of Petamenope (JE 37389) and the assertion of royal favour in the First Millennium BC.
1800-1830 – Closing remarks for the conference

Hoping to see you in Luxor,

Dr. Elena
Director South Asasif Conservation Project

Friday, 8 June 2012

Osireion Conference in November

Sohag University, Faculty of Science, has the honor of inviting you to participate in the activities of the International Scientific conference (ISC) on “The history, structure, architecture and water problems of the Osireion (Abydos archeological area) and similar sites in Egypt, Sohag Governorate, Upper Egypt, 17-19 November 2012, organized by Sohag University in Collaboration with Ministry of Estate of Antiquities, Egypt.
The Organizing Committee kindly requests the distribution of this announcement among your colleagues in your Institution.
If you have a chance to attend the meeting and/or excursions, please send your abstract and/or registration form as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to see you and your colleagues among us in the meeting.
Please see the attachment

Chairman of Conference
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Aziz Abdel Moneim
Professor of Hydrogeology, Faculty of Science, Sohag University
 Mobil: (002) 01003459791 Fax: 093 4601159

Egyptian Dig Diary Returns to the Web This Month

Egyptian Dig Diary Returns to the Web This Month: Egyptian dig diary returns to the web this month
Follow along online in June as a Johns Hopkins University Egyptologist and her team share the progress of their excavation of the Temple of Mut precinct in Luxor, Egypt.

Website: Hopkins in Egypt Today, 

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ägyptologisches Seminar: Report 2012 (KV64)

Lots more detail from the Uni of Basel about their 2012 season. Not only KV64 but the other tombs they are dealing with.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thebes in the First Millennium BC conference in Luxor

From Ken Griffin : The program and abstracts for the 'Thebes in the First Millennium BC' conference are finally available via the following link Details of the excursions will follow in due course. Registration for the event is compulsory as we have a limited number of places available. Please send your completed registration form to

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Are you into Vikings? Check this out The Last Viking in America - a film project by Hjörtur Smárason — Kickstarter

Viking fans!!! I got an email from my Icelandic mate who is looking for funding, can you help?

From Hjörtur Smárason

1 June 23:49
Hi Jane!

As always I'm planning new adventures. Last time it was a photoshoot from space - this time it is a voyage from Iceland to Greenland and onwards to Canada in the search for the last Viking in America. Yep! They say the Vikings sailed to America but we need further proof. According to the sagas, one of them is actually still there, the brother of Leif the Lucky who was shot by an arrow from the natives, died and was buried there. I'm gonna find him!

It looked like I wouldn't be able to make it because of cost of renting a proper boat and crew - when I got an email from a twitter friend in Ireland who's going to sail on a 60 foot ketch in just a few days! But I have very limited time to get the last funding. I've created a Kickstarter project to crowd fund the project, so if you can help out in any way with a pre-purchase of the film or other backing, liking the project on Kickstarter or sharing it with your network on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere and with personal friends, that would be awesome!

You can find all info about the project here:

Searching for the last Viking in America - Thorvald, Leif the Lucky's brother who was killed and bur...

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Friday, 1 June 2012

BBC News - Egypt state of emergency lifted after 31 years

BBC News - Egypt state of emergency lifted after 31 years: Egypt's state of emergency, that gave security forces sweeping powers to detain suspects and try them in special courts, has ended after 31 years.

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