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BBC News - Egypt's chef leading a 'kitchen uprising'

BBC News - Egypt's chef leading a 'kitchen uprising': Ghalia Mahmoud is what Egyptians fondly call a "Set" - a term reserved for strong women respected for their ability to keep hearth and home together.

Set Ghalia is in her 30s, sturdy of build, with an electric smile. She raised two daughters while working long hours as a maid for one of Cairo's upper-class families.

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Update from Osirisnet

Dear friends,

We are keeping busy on OsirisNet !

Tomb N°5 of el-Kab was created by the nomarch Paheri for his maternal grandfather, Ahmose, son of Abana. It includes a famous historic autobiography of this great soldier and sailor, which has been the object of numerous studies. This is because it is one of the only documents relating the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt and the military campaigns of the first sovereigns of the XVIIIth Dynasty.
But the rest of the monument has never been the object of publication to this day.
This is why it seemed interesting to us to present on OsirisNet the entire chapel.

Thierry Benderitter

Saturday, 28 April 2012

What is Egypt like in 2012 after the revolution, well to be honest not much different here in Luxor. The temples and tombs are still here, the tourists still come although numbers are down. The sun still shines. The redevelopment of Luxor centre has almost come to a close as most things are finished and those that haven’t money is needed in other areas. The new cornice is a pleasant place and as it matures it will get more character.

The plaza in front of Luxor temple has successfully held a number of events like Egypt Moving Forward and the Conference Centre had a great celebration of the anniversary of the revolution. The changes as a result of the revolution are minimal, people do seem to have to the courage to demonstrate but the many of the changes they demand are beyond the gift of the government, council and employers because of the state of the economy. As tourism recovers these will be achievable but Egypt’s revolution will not happen overnight. It will take time but the signs are promising.

Here on the West Bank a new dewatering project has started protecting the temples for the rising ground water. There are many new discoveries two new tombs in the Valley of kings, KV63 and KV64 have changed people’s perception of the alley. Everyone, not just knowledgeable Egyptologists, now believes there are lots more to be discovered there. Other sites dismissed in the past have revealed riches beyond the wildest dreams. So much statuary discovered at the Colossus of Memnon and hopes to reveal the entire temple layout in the future.

We had a great conference about that site and its king. Another conference is planned for October on the South Assasif; this is another area where new finds and knowledge is being revealed all the time. The tombs of Harwa, Pabasa, Karakhamun, and Petamenophis are showing us the richness of this period 25th and 26th dynasty. Expect great things out of that conference. Lectures have been sporadic at the Mummification museum but all have been fascinating.

On a personal front I will complete my Certificate in Egyptology with Manchester University this summer and attend graduation in the UK. If you want to study Egyptology online, anywhere in the world I can’t recommend this course too highly. I hope to go to do the Diploma. Our business has survived....just. Thanks to loads of rebookings and digging people. New business being put of by media hype, the reality is tourism has continued to be enjoyable for everyone that has come to Flats in Luxor as our Trip Advisor reviews show. So if you want a cheap Egyptian holiday now is the time to come.

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Update from Osirisnet

Dear Friends,

In the introduction (dated 1974), of the publication which William Kelly Simpson, together with Dows Dunham, dedicated to the monument, he made the following comment about the mastaba of queen Meresankh III, granddaughter of
Kheops: "The extraordinary preservation of the colors in the reliefs is one of the most attractive features of the chapel. ..... A publication of the chapel in color photography would be extremely welcome".

This mastaba of Giza, in which Meresankh had been buried, is also a witness to the importance acquired by the women of the royal family of the IVth Dynasty, in particular of the mother of Meresankh, queen Hetepheres II.

This mastaba tomb of Meresankh III can be found on OsirisNet, with complete photographic coverage :

Thierry Benderitter

Monday, 16 April 2012

A very ancient Egyptian Easter: Sham El-Nasim - Street Smart - Folk - Ahram Online

A very ancient Egyptian Easter: Sham El-Nasim - Street Smart - Folk - Ahram Online: The rituals and beliefs associated with today’s Sham El-Nasim celebrations link it directly to ancient Egyptian feasts.

Celebrated since 2700 BC by all Egyptians regardless of their religion, beliefs, and social status, the name Sham El-Nasim (Inhaling the breeze) is derived from the Coptic language that, in turn, is derived from the ancient Egyptian language. Originally pronounced Tshom Ni Sime, with tshom meaning “gardens” and ni sime meaning “meadows.”

Like most ancient Egyptian feasts, Sham El-Nasim was also affiliated with astronomy and nature. It marks the beginning of the spring festival, which is the time they believed day and night are equal, (when the sun is in the Aries zodiac) hence marking the beginning of creation. They confirm the exact date annually by sighting the sun in relation to the great pyramid. Ancient Egyptians named it The Feast of Shmo (the revival of life) and have officially celebrated it since 2700BC.

At the crack of dawn Egyptians usually leave their homes to have a picnic with their families in meadows and gardens to enjoy the breeze. On this national holiday the traditional Sham El-Nasim meal consists of fish, onions and eggs.

Fish was highly respected in ancient Egyptian beliefs. Salted mullet fish (known as fesikh), was offered to the gods in Esna in Upper Egypt to the extent that Esna’s ancient name was Lathpolis, which was the name of the original fish before it is salted.

As for colouring eggs, it’s a custom mentioned in the pharaoh’s famous Book of the Dead and in Akhenaton’s chants, “God is one, he created life from the inanimate and he created chicks from eggs.” Hence, the egg was a symbol of life to ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians would boil eggs on Sham El-Nasim eve, decorate and colour them in various patterns, then write their wishes on these eggs, tuck them in baskets made of palm fronds and hang them on trees or the roof of their houses in hopes that the gods would answer their wishes by dawn.

The habit of eating onions on that day is equally ancient. According to Egyptian legends, one of the pharaoh’s daughters had an incurable disease. Doctors were clueless until a high priest started giving her a few drops of onion juice. Her condition improved and her father, thrilled, named that day “the onion coalition day.” That day people would roam the city of Menf and offer onions to their dead.

As for flowers and plants, ancient Egyptians considered them holy and the lotus flower was actually the symbol of the country in ancient times.

In ancient Egypt, families would combine all of these: they would gather on the eve of Sham El-Nasim to colour the boiled eggs, prepare the fesikh and onion, some hanging the onions on their door steps to ward off evil spirits and putting them under their grandchildren’s pillows that night to summon the god Sukar. Before dawn, people would head to meadows, gardens and the Nile river bank to watch the sunrise while carrying food and flowers. They spend their day out in the open air, joyfully singing away the hours.

Little has changed since the time of the Pharaohs, apparently.

Happy Sham El-Nasim!

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Atta our wonderful west bank baker

He has just sent me some business cards with all his details.

Master Baker
Bakery and Pastry
Special Requests Made to Order
telephone 01097387350
Gezera el Bayrait
West Bank
Near Nobi's Horse Stables

Just a reminder of his wonderful food

And of course the wonderful birthday cake he did

Thursday, 12 April 2012

» Sham el-Nessim I AM Egypt

» Sham el-Nessim I AM Egypt: Sham el-Nessim

Sham el-Nessim (Egyptian Arabic: شم النسيم) is an Egyptian national holiday marking the beginning of spring. It always falls on the day after the Eastern Christian Easter (following the custom of the largest Christian denomination in the country, the Coptic Orthodox Church). Despite the Christian-related date, the holiday is celebrated by Egyptians regardless of religion..............

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The Man Who Discovered Egypt - YouTube The full BBC program

The Man Who Discovered Egypt - YouTube:

Not sure how long this will remain on YouTube so watch it quick. the BBC at its best the story of Flinders Petrie - Sent using Google Toolbar

Friday, 6 April 2012

Correction the lecture in Luxor is on SATURDAY

Lecture in Luxor this SATURDAY
Well done Barry Budd for organising this

Lecture this Saturday at the Nile Valley Hotel.
This is in place of the normal Sunday Mummification Museum lecture.
Marcel Maessen will be talking about the History of the Dig Houses in the Thebes area.
Normal start time of 7pm

Updated Corniche in Luxor

The work on the updated Corniche in front of Chicago House library is pretty much finished and it makes for a nice walk from the Etap

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Update from AWOL our west bank, Luxor animal charity

After a pause whilst we raised funds, though we have continued out in the villages as usual, the AWOL Centre is now being worked on, with an aim of it being open shortly after the Eid feast.

We did come up with a novel idea to raise funds – a novel. It is an Egyptian adventure for young adults available for Kindle and in paperback. With the lack of tourists we thought that it would bring in funds as well as get those that read it, wanting to come to Luxor. All profits from the sale go directly into the AWOL bank account in the UK. Full details can be found from the link on this month’s AWOL Newsletter which you can reach if you Click

Kind regards from Pauline and the AWOL team in Luxor
Dr Mohammed, Nasser and Heba

Please support Animal Welfare of Luxor - AWOL
Visit our web site at:

Atta our local baker on the West Bank, Luxor

Just made these delicious little cakes. He is situated near Nubi's stables and his food is wonderful.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Egyptologically Speaking: An Interview with Joyce Tyldesley #ancientegypt #egyptologycourse

Egyptologically Speaking: An Interview with Joyce Tyldesley:

Interview by Barbara O’Neill. Published in Magazine Articles on Egyptological. April 3rd 2012.

River and valley first attracted ancient settlers to Bolton in the north of England, whilst agriculture, wool and cotton brought the town its wealth at the dawn of the Industrial revolution. Fast-forward through the centuries and it was a completely different river in another agricultural valley which caught the attention of Dr. Joyce Tyldesley, a native of Bolton, whose academic career has largely focused on the culture of ancient Egypt.

After earning a first class honours degree in the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean from the University of Liverpool in 1981, Joyce Tyldesley went on to complete her doctorate in Archaeology, earning a D.Phil from the University of Oxford in 1986. Tyldesley began her teaching career at Liverpool before taking up her current post at the University of Manchester. Aside from her teaching commitments on the Masters programme and in the supervision of PHD students, Dr. Tyldesley oversees an impressive range of online Egyptology delivered via Manchester University’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Students from many different countries are currently enrolled on Tyldesley-designed and led six week ‘Short Courses’ covering a range of topics including; ‘Weapons and Warfare’; ‘Queens of Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Gods and Goddesses’. The latest in the Short Course series, available for the first time this October, focuses on the ever-popular subject of Tutankhamen, also the subject of Dr. Tyldesley’s latest book (published in the UK as, “Tutankhamen’s Curse: The Developing History of an Egyptian King” and in the USA as, “Tutankhamen: The Search for an Egyptian King”).

The ‘Certificate in Egyptology’ offers a three-year syllabus covering the main periods of Egyptian history. All Manchester’s online Egyptology courses are delivered through the ‘Blackboard’ e-learning system; an innovative ‘Virtual Learning Environment’. The availability of digital resources from the University itself; from Manchester Museum’s Egypt and Sudan collection and with online access to the impressive John Rylands Library, have placed Manchester in a leading position at the sharp end of distance learning.

Distance learning at Manchester has developed from an initial correspondence format to today’s digitally delivered programme which draws on state-of-the-art pedagogic technology still in development when the University first went online with the Certificate course in 2004.

In February 2012, Dr. Tyldesley announced the latest in the University’s impressive portfolio of online courses. The Diploma in Egyptology is set to receive its first intake of students in October; some (not all) will be tech-savvy graduates of previous Tyldesley-designed distance Egyptology. Recently, this busy academic took some time out to discuss Manchester’s pioneering online Egyptology programmes:

Please tell us about the new Diploma course ........ see full article for the rest of Joyce's interview Egyptologically Speaking: An Interview with Joyce Tyldesley
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Seti Temple from my visits from 1986 - 2011

This temple is my personal favourite because Seti is such a modest guy, he is always shown kneeling, bowing or offering. There are no huge colossus of him and the part dedicated to his mortuary cult is almost tucked away round the back. So unlike his son Ramses II. Someone was asking about an old water colour in a museum in Ireland and I was looking up my photos and decided to give you a diary of my visits to the site. These entries are taken from my blog at the time and the relevant photos accompany them.

This is the plan of the temple

I first visited the site in 1986 and at that time it was partially restored and only the back part of the temple was accessible, everything else was buried with camels wandering free where the first pylon was! No tickets required.

In 2004 I attended a lecture about the site which described the restoration work that went on. So I went hot footing it up and had a look round.

August 11th, 2005
Seti I temple at Gurna
It is with great sadness that I have to report the damage being done by the rising water table to this monument. It is about 3 months since I was there and it was hard to believe the state of the temple. Some parts have been dug round and there is a little moat round them where the channel has filled with water. There was one area where the sandstone blocks were reverting to the original sand. In the gateway of the first pylon the lower blocks are just falling to pieces and as you walk round the courtyard the salts crunch under your feet. I don’t know what the solution is but it nearly broke my heart to see the destruction.

October 28th, 2006
Disaster at the Temple of Seti I

I am sorry there is no other word, the rising water damage has always been an issue there and has scared the living daylights out of me but look at this photo. The entire piece is about to fall of and disappear into the trench surrounding it. but it gets worse, the shameful neglect of this site is appalling. there is vegetation growing everywhere and damaging both restoration and Pharaonic stone. This is the picture of the temple palace, it looks more like a garden than a palace. This is the condition of the late Roman house. It is absolutely appalling that this fine temple is being left to rot like this. Yes I am angry, the Egyptian government is putting the prices of the monuments up by some 25% and they better spend some of that money quickly while there are still some monuments to spend it on.

April 28th, 2007
Restoration at the temple of Seti I
Something appears to have resulted from the publicity I have been giving to the deterioration at the temple of Seti I at Gurna. This lovely temple has been suffering badly from the rising water table and I reported and photographed massive pieces of decoration falling of the pedestals located by the first pylon.
Today I went there and I was the happiest Egyptologist in Luxor as I walked in to see a team at work. Working under the direction of Rainer Stadelmann, Elena (sorry I didn’t get her surname) from Madrid University was directing workman to remove the pedestal blocks. She very kindly explained what was going on. They arrived there 10th April and are due to leave 10th May. The idea is to put all the endangered blocks away from the water table. First they are doing emergency stabilization work, then the blocks are being moved onto wooden rails to keep them out of contact with the ground. During the summer then will dry out and when the team returns in October they will do more long term restorations and eventual reassembly. Elena had recently been working at the Amenhotep III temple and her team of Egyptian workman also. As a result she told us they need little supervision and were totally familiar with the kind of work they had to do. Whilst we were there they were removing one block and she pointed out the totally saturate soil around the block. This is elena in front of one of the pedestal blocks, you can see how fragile it is, some of the blocks had lost decoration before she arrived (as I have reported) but where ever possible she has retrieved these fragments and hopes to piece them together. Some of the team are working on piece these pieces together and here is one member mixing material to the right colour. Some other team members are removing salts from the blocks. The team are removing the blocks from the second pedestal, I hope you can see how wet the earth is surrounding the block.

March 2011
A revisit with my Finish guest and the temple seems in a much better condition these days. The dewatering project should help further maintain the temple.

Luxor Spring Festival 17th April

Lots and lots of further details from the organisers.

Dear Jane if u may please update you post about the Event

Finally !!
Are You Ready ???
For an Unforgettable Day ….
With an Amazing Program
That Will Rock Luxor
Upside Down …
Now IT's Time …
To Reveal … a Unique Event ..
See Luxor Like Never Before … With Ultra High Standards … Just 4 u Only
Event Program :

The Event Is Formed of 2 Seperate Unique Part

1st : The Open Day

Will Start With …
▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ MUSIC █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂


♫♪♫>> ➊ Dj / Producer - Momo Rivera <<♫♪♫

One Of The Most Amazing Dj Producers Ever …
Was Rated Among TOP DJs IN Egypt In 2010 @ … International Site
Some of The Latest Performances .. Till 2010 in Egypt :
Nile Fm HotMix With Dj Caaaaaarlos , aiwaa caarlos 02 / 12 / 2010
••Momo Rivera Latest Radio Show••
While Playing Momo Rivera's Wonderful Tracks … We Shall be Enjoying ..


➋ The Amaaazing And UniQue Rainbow Color Festival
The Rainbow Color Festival Is An Amazing And Unique Event , Held For The First Time in Luxor … It's Gonna Be Amaaaaaaaazing ….
We Shall Compete …
Splaash Colors …
Dance …
Sing …
Freeze …
Bring Snow To Life With Ultra Fun FOAM .. And Aloooots Of So0o0o0o Much Fun Ideas … It's Our Turn To Make u Surprised !!!


➌ Luxor Best Dance Crew !!!
After The Amazing Succes in France .. Italy …
Sharm El sheikh Beauty Contest …
Now ..
It's Gonna be Fabulous Enjoying Live Performance Of an Amazing Dance Crew For a wonderful One Hour Duration That Will Steal Our Sight And Add a very special Touch …
It's Time ..
For The Fantastic Surprise …
That Shall Make You Feel Like Never before …
On His First Live Performance in Luxor …
We Shall Rock The Golf Land With The Amazing Words of The Sound Of Egypt
★★★ ➍ Hisham El Gakh ★★★

After Her Unforgettable Performance With Karnak Blues Band … in A lot Of Egyptians Nights …
Luxor Spring Festival Is Honored By Her Performance

★★★ ➎ The Super Star Songstress Michelle Rounds .. Live★★★

2nd Part :
a Musical Concert By a Wonderful , Talented , Amazing Singer

Maybe u Had Heard the Talk …
But it's Trure
Get Ur Self Ready .
For an Unbelievable Concert … Performed By Our SuperStar ..
The New Shining Voice Of The People …

★★★➏-Hamza Namiraaa ★★★

► Event Details
•Date : 17/4/2012
•Place : Royal Golf Club … Theba Road – Beside the Airport
•Free Transportations To And From Royal Golf Club
•The Event will Start @ 2 Pm .. Ends @ 10 Pm
•100 % Security By Local Police Force .. Supported By Professional Body Guards , With a Wide Previous Experience ★
•Luxor Spring Festival Will Be Covered by A professional HD Resolution Full Camera Mixing Units .. including FLY CAMERAS .. With 6 LCD Screens For the Max Fun !
•Available Parking Spots
•Available Food , Drinks , Snacks , Candy , Pop Corn And alot of Amazing Products to Buy ..
•The Night Of The Royal Golf Club will Be Lighted By An Amazing Fire Work

► Event Instructions :
1-Make Sure To Show Your Ticket With The Stamps on it While Crossing The Gates
2-Wearing a Special Bracelet Will Be For Your Own Security ,, Please Co-operate With The Organizers
3-Buses will Take You From Certain Spots Which Will be Announced .. Transportations Are By 5 Stars Conditioned Buses
4-Be there On Time … Or U Will Miss A lot Of fun
5-Troubles Are Strictly Forbidden …
6-Dress Code : White T-shirt And a Black Skirt or Pantaloons
7-If U Came With The Previous Dress Code You Will get FREE FOAM !!!
8-Any one Can Attend .. only if They Stick To the Instructions


► Tickets Info :
Tickets Are Classified To 3 Classes
• Vip Tickets :
Front Line Seated On A very Comfortable Chair
Drinks Every now and Then
Can Access Any Section
Priority in Bus Transportaions
Special Guards
100 L.E
• Golden Ticket
2nd Area Seated on a Regular chain
Soft Drink Served
Can Access Any Section Except V.i.Ps
75 L.E
• Silver Ticket { regular }
Enjoying Every Single Show Like Any Other Ticket Only Non Seated
65 L.E


► Tickets Include :
Free Transportaion
3 Free Color Packs
Free Foam : if u Came in black and white
Ballooons : as many as u Need !
Vips Shall Receive A Free Water Gun !

• All The Event Updates Will Be On Our FaceBook Page :

• Online Reservation :
If You Can't Get Your Ticket now ..
Reserve You Ticket Online .. Through This Link

• Join The Organizing Crew :
Share Experiences and Ideas Just Fill in This Form


For Sale :
One Color pack : 3 L.E
One Foam Bottle : 5 L.E
Water Gun : 5 L.E
Water Balloons : 2 L.E

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ We ♥ Luxor █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

Tickets Will Be Available Within 48 Hours @ Selling Boothes
Contact Us :

█████▒▓ For More Info & Tickets Reservation ▒▓████
• Luxor , Qena , Aswan , Sohag , Assuit :
☎Ebrahim M.Osman : 01098226644
☎Mohamed Tawfik : 01000095997
☎Ahmed Haggag : 01006316864
☎Mohamed Hosny : 01119933094
• Cairo : M.U.S.T – M.S.A- B.U.E – Cairo Universities
☎Hatem yousry : 01007863295
☎Kareem El Mallawany : 01009002258

We Wish U an Unbelievable Event .. And An Enjoyable Evening !



►برنامج المهرجان
اليوم منقسم الي قسمين منفصلين
اولا : اليوم المفتوح وده يتضمن
1- مهرجان الالوان .... وده شيء جديد ما حصلش قبل كده في الاقصر .. بس ممتع جدا ومناااسب جدا لعيد الربيع
2- دي جيه مومو ريفيرا ... وده من الناس المشهوره جدا في المجال ده ... محترف جدا ويختلف عن اي حد اشتغل في الاقصر قبل كده
3- فرقه الاقصر للفنون الاستعراضيه
4- فقرة الشاعر هشام الجخ

ثانيا : حقل موسيقي للفنان الموهوب حمزة نمره


► التفاصيل

•التاريخ : 17 / 4 / 2012 - الثلاثاء
المكان : ارض الجولف - طريق طيبه بجوار المطار
•يبدأ الساعه 2 وينتهي الساعه 10 م
• الموضوع امان جدا ... الشرطه هتأمن الاحتفال بجانب وجود مجموعه متخصصه من الجاردات المحترفين والمتخصصين في النوع ده من الحفلات
• الايفنت بتاعنا هيتصور عن طريق هيئه محترفه هتوفر وحدات تصوير بجوده عاليه جدا وكمان شاشات ال سي دي هتكون في كل حته
• اماكن موجوده للناس اللي عاوزة تركن
• هيبقي في مأكولات ومشروبات ، حلويات ووجبات خفيفه للبيع داخل المهرجان .. والاسعار معقوله جدا
• العااااب ناريه هتكسر الدنيا

►تعليمات الحفل :
1- وانت داخل اظهر التذكره بتاعتك .. وتأكد انها مختومه
2- الاسوره اللي هتلبسها وانت داخل من الباب ده لحمايتنا كلنا .. يا ريت تتعاونوا معانا
3- الاتوتوبيسات هتنقل الناس من اماكن هنعلن عنها ... النقل في اتوبيسات مكيفه 5 نجوم
4 - تعال في المعاد عشان ما تفوتكش حاجه
5- ممنوع المشاكل منعا ً باتاً ..
6 - الزي بتاع اليوم : تيشرت ابيض وبنطلون او جيبه سوده
7- اللي هيلتزم بالزي ده هياخد فوووم ببلاش
8- اي حد ممكن يحضر .. شرط الالتزام بالتعليمات
9- اسفين لو شددنا في موضوع التأمين ده بس ده لمصلحتنا كلنا


► التذاكر :
التذاكر متقسمه 3 انواع :
قاعدين في الصفوف الاولي ... علي كراسي فندقيه مريحه جدا
مشروبات كل شويه .. ببلاش
يقدر يروح اي حته في الفستفال
الاولويه في الانتقالات
جاردات مخصوص ..
100 جنيه
• Golden Ticket
قاعدين بردو .. بس في المنطقه التانيه علي كرسي عادي ..
ليك 1 درنك
يقدر يروح اي حته .. الا ال VIP
75 جنيه
• Silver Ticket { regular }
بيحضر العرض كلو .. زيو زي اي حد .. بس ملوش كرسي
65 جنيه


► التذاكر شامله :
انتقالات مجانيه .. ذهاب وعوده
3 علب الوان ببلاش
ولو جيت لابس ابيض واسود هتاخد فووم ببلاش
بلونات .. علي قد ما تحب
بالنسبه للفي اي بي .. هياخدو مسدسات مايه ببلاش

• كل التفاصيل الجديده والاخبار هتلاقيها علي صفحتنا :

• احجز تذكرتك عالنت ... :
لو كنت بعيد .. مش فاضي .. او مش عاوز تنزل تشتري تذكره
احجز تذكرتك من هنا .. واستلمها عالبوابه

• لو حابب تنظم / تنظمي معانا وتشترك في كل حاجه :
نشارك الافكار .. ونتعلم من بعض ... املا الاستماره دي وهنتصل بيك


للبيع :
علبه الوان زياده : 3 جنيه
فوم زياده : 5 جنيه
مسدس مايه : 5 جنيه
بالون مايه : 2 جنيه

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ We ♥ Luxor █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

التذاكر هتكون متوفرة قريب جدا ... عدد محدود في منافذ البيع

█████▒▓ For More Info & Tickets Reservation ▒▓████
• لو انت في الاقصر . اسوان . قنا . سوهاج
☎Ebrahim M.Osman : 01098226644
☎Mohamed Tawfik : 01000095997
☎Ahmed Haggag : 01006316864
☎Mohamed Hosny : 01119933094
• لو في كايرو ... في اي جامعه من الجامعات دي هناك
M.u.S.t - M.S.A - Bue - Cairo university
دول الناس بتوعنا هناك ....
☎Hatem yousry : 01007863295
☎Kareem El Mallawany : 01009002258

نتمني ان الايفنت يعجبكم .... ويكون يوم ما ننساهوش كلنا !


The DJ List
The World's Largest DJ Directory & Dance Music Resource

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My first review of Hidden Luxor eBook: Jane Akshar: Books

Hidden Luxor eBook: Jane Akshar: Books: Now i feel like the Indiana Jones of Scotland. Whilst i have visited Luxor many times ( 26 now... yes i know i LOVE the place) I now find that Jane Akshars book Hidden Luxor has shown me secret gems that i have missed.. i just cant wait to get out there and track down these jewels that Jane has discovered. I totaly recomend this book to anybody even slightly interested in Egypt.

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Buy direct here