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New parts, new space - Ahram Hebdo

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New parts, new space - Ahram Hebdo: Museum curators are hard at work. Following recent renovations, they want to create a unique space to exhibit works recently discovered. Among the most important pieces include necklaces, earrings and bracelets of gold found in the tomb of Djehuty, the keeper of the royal treasure during XVIIIedynastie. He lived during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III died in.

Visitors can also see clay pots dating back to the XXIedynastie. These pieces were deposited inside the tomb during the funeral ceremony. Egyptian-Spanish mission has discovered the tomb of Djehuty in 2003 by chance.

« The presentation of these antiquities in Luxor Museum is part of a plan to regularly provide archaeological museums such discoveries, to enrich "Said Mohamad Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities. The museum will also present a rare well-preserved coffin of a man known as Iker, warrior of the Middle Kingdom, specifically the XIedynastie. The coffin is made of wood painted with pink writing in ancient Egyptian language on its sides and scenes illustrating Iker presenting offerings to the goddess Hathor. ' The tombs of this period are not well known, including the military, since they belong to a period that is not well documented "Said Adel Abdel Satar, responsible for the organization of the Egyptian museums.

Rare works

Luxor Museum, located between the temple of Luxor and Karnak, was inaugurated in 1975 on the Nile Corniche in the center of the city. He recently reopened after major renovations. It is now a modern, air conditioned, fully opaque, modest in size. It looks like the Nubian Museum in Aswan. It contains such a magnificent collection of sculptures and objects, but few of exceptional quality. They have been found on various sites of Thebes, and mostly date from the New Kingdom.

It consists of two floors. The first contains a collection of rare antiques discovered in Luxor, as the head of a granite statue of Amenhotep III, the head of King Sesostris III or the statue of Tuthmosis III schist.

On the upper floor, there is a collection of statues of Akhenaten and a number of carved stones, which were part of a temple dedicated to the pharaoh. We can also see furniture, ornaments, amulets and vases, and some Coptic funerary paintings staged very realistically. There are also many frescoes of the Amarna period, one of which consists of more than 40,000 pieces and 280 pieces of small sandstone.

The fresco is more than 18 m. It comes from 9epylône Karnak. This wall originally belonged to a temple built by Akhenaten. All shows several scenes of everyday life.

In recent years, a room of the museum was dedicated to the exhibition of 24 statues discovered in the basement of the temple of Luxor, including the statue of King Amenhotep III, founder of the Luxor temple, the statue of the god Amon and of the goddess Hathor ...

Another room was designed to accommodate the mummies of the two founders of XVIIIeet XIXedynasties: those of Ramses II and Ahmose

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Bad news if you like to meditate at the sites:- Egypt: Antiquities Ministry Bans Religious, Political Activities At Archaeological Sites

I know a lot of guests like to meditate at the sites, experience the energies etc. Looks like this is now forbidden. Egypt: Antiquities Ministry Bans Religious, Political Activities At Archaeological Sites: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Arabic News report on world tourism day, lots of pictures

اليوم السابع | بالصور.. الأقصر تحتفل بـ"يوم السياحة العالمى": - Sent using Google Toolbar

World Tourism Day in Luxor part 1

I was unable to make the event this morning but Theresa Clark kindly let me use her photos. 

Spain-funded UN project seeks to aid Egyptian farmers | Egypt Independent

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Spotted on Facebook but no further details at all.

If you are in Luxor then please do come and join in this event. There are going to be many activities happening at the front courtyard/bazaar area of KARNAK TEMPLE from 9.00 am to 11.30 am and then again in the evening from 5.00 pm to 9.00pm at ABU HAGAG SQUARE behind LUXOR TEMPLE. The Governor of Luxor will be present for the morning activities. COME AND JOIN THE FUN AND HELP PROMOTE TOURISM IN LUXOR. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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Diary of the Dwarf of Pepy II (spoof)

Diary of the Dwarf of Pepy II (spoof):

My parents are really pleased, I have got a job, me a dwarf, has got a really prestigious job which will bring honour and respect to my parents. To say we are over the moon is to only say half of it. I am going to be trained up in dance, the traditional dances of the land of spirits which is what we call our country. It is a great day for the family.

The job is going really well and I am getting quite a reputation as the best dancer in the troupe. It is great for me because the dances are perfect for a dwarf so I look really good when we perform. WE have some visiting dignitary from Egypt coming and they want me to do a special dance for him.

Harkhuf the envoy from Egypt wants to meet with me, says he is going to make me an offer I can’t refuse. I wonder what on earth he wants. He was certainly impressed with my special dance, and so he should be I really made look special, of course the feathers helped.

OMG can you believe it, they want me to go to Egypt, well apparently the current king is quite young and Harkhuf knows he lovers unusual entertainment. Poor little mite is only 9, came to the throne when he was 6 so not a lot of fun in his life. They have suggested I move to Egypt, mum and dad will get well taken care off for the rest of their lives. Who would have thought that I would be the one to look after them? Everyone said I would be a problem and worry to them. But look how it has turned out. We are going to travel to elephantine which is where Harkhuf is based.

When we got to elephantine Harkhuf wrote to the king telling him about me. The king Pepy II has gone completely mad about me apparently, he loves the idea. I am pretty excited too but apparently he wants me to be given special care whatever that means.

I am going stark staring mad, this stupid boy is making my life hell. Ok he is king but seriously didn’t anyone think to give him some advice.

1) I have to have some with me 24 hours a day

2) All through the night some checks on me every hour

3) All my food is checked and tasted

4) I can’t do this and I can’t do that

5) Somebody sleeps beside me

6) When I am awake in case I fall in the water they have two people, one each side all the time!

Harkhuf is sure this is going to result in a big reward for him, the kings letter is so excited and as long as he gets me there safe and in good condition then it is going to be like winning the lottery. But what about me, it is so humiliating to be treated like this.

Finally we reach Pepy II and it was just like Harkhuf said, he got a fat reward, he is going to spend some of the money on his tomb and have the letter inscribed on the tomb. These Egyptians are OBESSED about preparing for the afterlife. Their tomb is so important to them. I swear they spend more money on their tomb than their house. Anyway I get presented to the king and he is just like any 9 year old, he loves the dance, especially the feathers and makes me do it again and again. He says I look just like Bes

Now I live at the palace and I really like it but even the king spend more on death than life. He s building a pyramid to be buried in, for heaven’s sake he is only 9 and he looks like he could live until 100. Still I suppose if he wants to he can afford it. They want me to have a tomb but I told them it is not our custom and I would prefer to spend money on living. They think I am completely mad of course, but then I think they are so we are quits.

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Luxor boy Khonsu, TT31 is now on Osirisnet

Dear Friends,

The tomb of Khonsu, TT31, is one of the rare ones accessible to the public these days. Dating from the time of Ramesses II, it belongs to a character who was both, priest of Montu and priest of the cult of Thutmosis III.
The whole family of Khonsu seems to have had functions linked to Montu, at least since the time of a distant ancestor, Usermontu, a vizier of the time of Tutankhamun.

Osirisnet has the pleasure to present this tomb with complete photographic coverage, obtained before the addition of the protective glass panes, which, if they are necessary, nevertheless considerably reduce the appreciation of the different scenes and remove a large part of real-life emotion of the visit to the monument.

Enjoy !

Member of the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE) Tombs of Egypt

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The Apis tombs at Saqqara Necropolis back on Egypt's tourist map - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

The Apis tombs at Saqqara Necropolis back on Egypt's tourist map - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online: Dozens of journalists, photographers and top officials as well as archaeologists and restorers gathered today at the Saqqara necropolis, almost 25 kilometres far of Giza plateau, to witness the official inauguration of the Serapeum. After almost three decades of debate among engineers, archaeologists and restorers, the well-known Apis tombs at Saqqara necropolis known as the Serapeam have finally been restored. The tombs of Ptahhotep and Mereruka, two Old Kingdom noblemen, were also inaugurated after restoration..........

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Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival - Opening Ceremony

Last night saw the start of this film festival and what a great start it was. The film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was excellent, totally recommend you see that.

The ticket said doors closed at 6:30 so we all got there early. I think it was a printing mistake and should have said door OPEN at 6:30. There were lots of glamourous ladies there.

 And some not so glamourous, yes it is me!!! in purple top right. You can see how crowded it was

Due to start 7 of course it didn't and we started running a sweep of what time it would start. I was closest with 7:35 so Egyptian. It opened with a dancing display, totally different from the standard Sufi dancing, these were three young ladies and their dance was very enjoyable. I have two video clips

Most speakers spoke only in Arabic and a very slick and charming presentor gave an English translation. It is hoped that this is the start of making an annual event as well as bring more modern culture to this historic town. That is a very laudable idea and it would be nice for Luxor to have some good entertainment in the evening. The governor did speak in English you can see him in this clip







Amr Waked and Paul Webster both spoke

The speakers made up for the delayed start and much to my surprise the film started on time. It was Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and really enjoyable.

Absolutely fantastic first night at Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival -

I will post photos and videos but please be assured it is fantastic (apart from the toilets) go go go go

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival - Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival

Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival - Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival: Details of the Opening Ceremony  are now on the website of Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival

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Three monuments set to re-open in Egypt's Saqqara Necropolis - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

 Ptahhotep , Merriuka and Serapeum!!
Three monuments set to re-open in Egypt's Saqqara Necropolis - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online: - I have been in all three of these monuments(decades ago in some cases) and they are so worth visiting, the whole necropolis is a fantastic site and you could easily spend 2 days going round all the riches it has to offer. Do not on any account miss the Imhotep Museum Sent using Google Toolbar

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Muslims and Christian join together in Egypt

This is how Muslims and Coptics ( Christians) demonstrate against the Anit-Islam Movie in Gharbia City-Egypt. thank God for moderate Egyptians showing the world what Egypt is really like

Tahrir -Egypt , what is written on the Sign " we reject /Object any offending to our country's partner (Muslims ) and we confirm the respect of all religions and the country's unity

More news reports and photos here

Jane in Egypt in 1979 - The End

14th September 1979 Back to the Museum 

Got up late and had breakfast at 8. Then we dash out of the hotel and lost Hazel so had to go back for her, then went to the Museum to see the mummies, Meket Re models and Hethepheres (Cheops mum) jewellery, lovely delicate gold charms, Narmer palette. 

Figure 72 Cairo 
Then to the Hilton for drinks then shopping and back to the Hilton for lunch had chicken soup sleep in afternoon and dinner at Felfela with Fred Nellie Marjory Yvonne Caren Ki Ping Ranold Hassian Joan Betty Hazel Monica Bernard and Sue. 

Figure 73 Felfela 1979

Figure 74 Felfela 2000 

Muriel and Claire had to stay behind but we gave her the present before we went to bed at 12:30.
Figure 75 Claire gets her present 

Figure 76 Group photo where are you now?

If you know any of these people I would love to hear from them  

15th September Return to the UK 

Up at 5.00 breakfast at 5:30 and left the Windsor at 6:00 for airport, loads of security checks, none of which were effective, passed time until 7:30. Then we waited to board the plane, took off at 8:00 5 hr flight. 

So ends my first visit to Egypt, it was definitely the best holiday I ever had. I am so glad I kept a diary so I still have all those memories. I wish I had taken more photos though. I went again in 1981, 1986, 1992 and then 2000. Since 2000 I visited several times until I moved here in 2003. Some things have changed, some remain the same but I still love Egypt. It gets into your blood. 

If you want a full copy of the diary, please send me your email address and I will send you the PDF

Reposting of and updated foreword to "This Is Whom You Fear"

Reposting of and updated foreword to "This Is Whom You Fear": From Doug Baum, posted on Facebook.  A though provoking and sensitive comment by an American who loves the Middle East.

"Last week, while working with our family's camels in Colorado, I met Wasem Mussmari and his wife, Kirby. I welcomed the Denver residents into my Bedouin goat hair tent I'd set up as part of our display representing Lawrence and the Arab Revolt of 1917. After some good conversation, Wasem invited me to visit his family anytime in their home. In Benghazi. At the time, none of us could know that Wasem's home country, Libya, and the US would be thrust into the headlines only days later. Last night, on FB, I asked Wasem if he could offer some thoughts on the situation in Libya..................." Please the full note Full Note

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The Surprising History of Egypt with Terry Jones - YouTube

Great video to learn about ordinary Egyptians in the time of the pharaohs, the kids will love it.   

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Jane in Egypt 1979

13th September 1979 Fayum
Figure 69 Local girls(!) in front of pyramids
Up at 7:00 to go to the Fayum. Started at the pyramid of Medium so called straight edge pyramid. The owner is unidentified as the stele are uninscribed. It was first thought to belong to Snefru because of some graffiti found there. But two other pyramids have definitely been allocated to him so it is unlikely he built a third. Probably started by Hori shows development from a step to true pyramid. It is likely that robbing of the casing by later pharaohs allowed inherent weaknesses to show and it collapsed leaving only the core. The mortuary temple is very pokey and small. The graffiti is just as you enter. Next to the pyramid is the mastaba from which the geese of Medium came from and Rahotep and Nofret. We passed the canal of Amenemhat I a drainage done in the Middle Kingdom.

Figure 70 Canal of Amenemhat
Then to the mud brick pyramid of Amenemhat III. Middle Kingdom. Due to the heavy protection needed at the Nubian border at this time Middle Kingdom pharaohs did not have the man power to build solid pyramids so they built a core of mud brick with wooden supports and encased this in limestone. Subsequent pharaohs rob the outer casing for their own buildings and the wood rotted so only the mud brick was left. Attached to this pyramid is a large labyrinth also Roman remains pottery etc.

Figure 71 Pyramid of Amenemhat
Had lunch at a restaurant by a branch of the Nile reached there at 2pm and had lunch at 3pm. Came back to the hotel. Washed my hair which was filthy. All this constant showering has made my skin really smooth. We had an Egyptian dinner soul, ful stew, ful hamburgers with chips and banana fritters. We also arranged to have dinner at the Hilton tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

AEDE Web :: Asociación Española de Egiptología

Another great conference i have bene notified about.

The Asociación Española de Egiptología has reached its first 25 years since its foundation in 1987. To celebrate this anniversary, we have programmed a 2 day Seminar in Madrid, from 19th to 21st October 2012.

This event will include eight lectures about field research, recent discoveries, and present and future of Archaeology in Egypt.

Our lecturers will be:
- Dr. Hourig Sourouzian (Kom el Hettan) Opening Session
- Dr. Carmen Perez-Die (Heracleópolis Magna)
- Dr. Salima Ikram (Djehuty TT11)
- Dr. José Manuel Galán (Djehuty tt11)
- Dr. Myriam Seco (Funerary Temple Thutmosis III)
- Dr. Mansour Boraik (Avenue of Sphinxes, Luxor)
- Dr. Alejandro Jiménez Serrano (QH33 Asswan)
- Dr. Mohamed el-Bialy

The title of the Seminar is JORNADAS CONMEMORATIVAS XXV ANIVERSARIO - ASOCIACION ESPAÑOLA DE EGIPTOLOGIA, and will be held at the Conference Room of the Museo Lázaro Galdiano (Serrano, 122 – Madrid. Spain)
AEDE Web :: Asociación Española de Egiptología: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival - Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival

Lots of details here including the program and locations. 
Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival - Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Jane in Egypt 1979 My First trip

12th September 1979 Cairo

Breakfast at 7:00, best one we have had, apricot jam and omelette but we did not arrive at Cairo until 10:20 booked in the Windsor again, had a snack lunch of toasted sandwiches. I didn’t go on trip around Coptic churches, went to sleep instead, I needed it. At 4:30 we went window shopping and changed some money, had an exciting time crossing roads Went to the zoo 1.50 LE taxi and 50pt to get in. Animals seem in good condition, fair amount of breeding, coats sleek and enough food. Saw Alsatian dogs and Siamese cats also in cages very funny. 7:30 dinner. 

I think I was beginning to flag by this time, worth bearing in mind if you organise a trip, some rest days are needed. Notice the lateness of the train, still happens today

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation | The Griffith Institute | 90th Anniversary of the Discovery

The 90th anniversary of the discovery is almost upon us. For those unable to visit in person have a look at this wonderful resource.

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation | The Griffith Institute: Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation is the definitive archaeological record for Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon's discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

On November 5th 1922, Howard Carter wrote in his pocket diary: 'Discovered tomb under tomb of Ramsses VI investigated same & found seals intact.' The subsequent excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun captured the public imagination. The complete records were deposited in the Griffith Institute Archive shortly after Carter's death.

Our aim in publishing this material online is to provide an essential resource for scholars, school children and interested adults alike. This demanding project has taken 15 years and has been directed by the Keeper of the Archive, Dr Jaromir Malek.

If you are able to visit in person why not stay with us at Flats in Luxor and we can help you visit
  • the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of Kings
  • the house Carter lived in while he excavated
  • various treasures from the tomb on display in Luxor Museum
  • the depiction of the Opet fesitval Tutankhamen inscribed at Luxor Temple
  • the restoration stele at Karnak temple originally belonging to Tutankhamen
  • the portrait statue of Tuankhamun and his wife Ankhesamum
Yes there is plenty to see of Luxor's most famous son
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Ahram Online Egypt's Paralympics athletes hope for brighter future post-Games

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Jane in Egypt 1979

11th September 1979 Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is another terrific example of engineering. They removed all of this before the high dam flooded it. Flying is the only way to get there now. We went by 737 40 minute flight and as we banked to land we had a good view of the front of the temple. A coach took us to the site and English guides were waiting.
Temple built by Ramses II for himself and his wife Nefertari. He made himself into a god in his own lifetime, having his own statues in the sanctuary. When the sun rises the light shines on his statue. Completely enclosed as is Nefertari’s’ Miss Piggy temple i.e. columns with Hathor capitals. The structure is covered by a hollow shell which is natural from the outside. We retuned before lunch and as our rooms had been given up we slept in the foyer until time for train to Cairo. We left Aswan at 6:0 on the train absolutely boiling


 Figure 68 Abu Simbel
Dinner was OK nothing more. Came back and had water melon which Yvonne and Karen had bought, fell asleep at 8:00 and missed Mohammed coming to see Monica who hid.
I was so impressed with Abu Simbel, you can get there by road as well as flying now and of course the absolute best way on a Lake Nasser cruise. They let us inside the dome and we could see all the back of the temple. It was amazing. Poor Mohammed, first 5 chaperones and now he was avoided lol

Monday, 10 September 2012

Jane in Egypt 1979

10th September 1979 Aswan

Unfinished obelisk was a complete let down, absolutely nothing to see but the wedge marks.

Figure 64 Unfinished Obelisk

Went to the high dam. This is almost equivalent to the pyramids in effort for the modern Egyptians as they do seem to have the application today. This is a huge thing and supplies power as far as Cairo and Alexandra. The Lake behind is about 14 miles long. There is a strong wind at the top which is very cool. I bought an apricot juice at a small cafe here, most delicious drink I have had. We went past a modern monument to friendship between the Russians and Egyptians. In a stylistic lotus shape with designs inside showing agriculture, family, etc. Sentences from the Koran and quotes in Russian and Arabic.

Figure 65 Lake Nasser

Figure 66 Russian/Egyptian monument

In the afternoon we went to Elephantine Island; saw only the Nilometer, although there is apparently a museum, very hot. Went on to Kitchener Island. This is equivalent to Kew Gardens and our guide was very enthusiastic about it and very knowledgeable.

Figure 67 Philae

Also in the morning we had a lucky opportunity to see the temples of Philae, beautiful floral capitals, many different. This was rescued by international co-operation from the waters of Lake Nasser and is now being put back together and reconstructed at the same time. Parts we could not visit including a long court but the rooms were accessible.

In the evening we went to a Nubian wedding contract. Unfortunately we only saw the latter parts. To make up for this Abdullah took us round the community centre which is all their own. He was very proud of the rather primitive arrangements. Less books than I have.
I don’t know but Aswan has never done anything for me. I didn’t go back there until 2005, yet have been to Luxor, Cairo etc so many times. It does not have as much history obviously but it certainly has some. It always seems like a poor Luxor. That of course is a very personal view.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Jane in Egypt 1979 - My first Trip

9th September 1979 Edfu and Kom Ombo 

Left Luxor and went by coach to Aswan along the most diabolical road I have ever been on including Zambia. Stopped at Edfu and Kom Ombo. Edfu has the only perfect pylon according to the guide Abdullah however it is quite a small temple, shows Seth being defeated and a cake being made in his shape and eaten. Also I think this was the scene of the foundation laying and sizing of the temple. 

Figure 62 Road to Aswan 

Figure 63 Edfu 

I didn’t leave the coach at Kom Ombo as my mosquito bites were very annoying. It is a crocodile temple dedicated to Sobek. Arrived at Aswan, a hug anonymous hotel, very modern in style, took a shower before cases arrived to cool bites down. Went shopping after lunch of pasta which was very nice. 

It is amazing how much bites can ruin your holiday, I wish I had taken DDT with me, I was in agony. Couldn't think of anything but how bad it itched. Still I wonder why I thought Edfu was small

Extracts from Imhotep’s Diary (spoof)

Extracts from Imhotep’s Diary (spoof): The great King Khasekhemwy has died and my master Djoser has become the living Horus. I wonder what this new age will being for us. I want to make sure that Djoser’s name will never be forgotten. We have buried Khasekhemwy in his funerary complex at Abydos; it gave me a chance to have a good look round. The complex is large and built of mud brick as is customary, I have had some wonderful ideas about what Djoser’s would look like but first I have an idea about where it should be.

Djoser has agreed, I am so excited, we are going to leave Abydos, and Khasekhemwy’s complex will not be pulled down like others in the past. Only one complex should be in Abydos and that is exactly what will happen because we are going to build at Sakkara. It is a much better place, more central to Egypt. Abydos is becoming a religious backwater with no room for new ideas and I have some great ideas about the new funerary complex. Of course it is going to bigger than Khasekhemwy’s but much more than that. I looked round at Abydos and lots of the previous kings have used stone to build part of their monument but what about if we build it all of stone! I know lots of people are saying I am off my head but I reckon it could be done. Djoser agrees with me so we are going to give it a go.

I have found the best site at Sakkara and started marking it out. There will only be one entrance but lots of false doors and it will look exactly like the kings palace. I have decided there will be a row of pillars as you go in. Of course these can’t be free standing they would never take the weight, so I am going to have buttresses to the walls and that should make sure the roof stays up. There will be statues of the king and when you exit at the end it will be into a blaze of sunshine into the great court.

The king is still going to need to rule so we can have copies of the all the government buildings, but in stone. Everything will be copied exactly, right down ropes, tree branches, and mat doorways.

I have started work on the mastaba but there is something not quite right. It looks dwarfed by the walls and government buildings. I need to come up with a solution to make it the most impressive part of the complex. Perhaps another level would do it.

Well we put up another level but still it does not impress like I wanted it to. I think we need to go up further.

Now it looks daft, ok it is higher than the rest but the proportions are wrong and not what I had in mind at all. I am going to have to sort this out. Still the underground passages look great. I have found this faience worker who produces the greatest tiles ever. I am so pleased. They are nearly all the same colour and the quality is perfect. We are going to supply him with some apprentices as we are going to need a lot more.

Solved the mastaba problem, we are going to extend it out and upwards. To make it 6 layers and a much better proportion. It is going to be a stairway where the spirit of Djoser can ascend to the heavens. It will dominate the complex and also be visible outside much more regal. I am really pleased with it.

The king has celebrated his Heb Sed and blow me if he didn’t say ‘Imhotep I am going to need a Heb Sed court in the complex’. Where the heck am I going to fit that in?

Phew found room for the Heb Sed court and it looks like it was always planned there, neat. I am really pleased with it. We finished the serdab as well and got a fantastic statue of the king with the most amazing rock crystal eyes. When you look through the slit it is just like looking at Djoser himself. The king came on site today and even he was amazed. He kept trying to open dummy doors; he couldn’t believe we had done it all out of stone. He told me ‘Imhotep I bet you get remembered for this’ and he promised me he would commission a statue of me. I am dead chuffed I can tell you.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Jane in Egypt 1979 - My First Visit

8th September Queens and Nobles 

This was a short trip. We crossed the Nile to the West Bank and then took a bus to the valley. Visited the tomb of Kahmoses or Amon Hir Khopstep No 55 This prince died too young to make it to the valley of kings. The tomb is in very good condition; the reliefs are very large and mostly show the prince being introduced to various deities by his father. He has the lock of hair on the side of the head. This tomb was found empty. Then went to his mummy Queen Titi no 52. The style is very similar but has been attacked unfortunately and is now badly damaged. 

I am stunned by this comment ‘his mummy’ at that time there was nothing to identify who this queen was, indeed she was only recently identified in 2010 and yes she was Ramses III’s wife. I checked with Aidan Dobson who was one of the authors of the article identifying her and yes she could well have been this princes mother. So how did the guide know that back in 1979? That is definitely odd. Was it a local legend, something the guide came out with or just a popular belief. Any way it was right. Please take especial note of the first house in the photo of the valley of nobles; this was the house of a man that works for me now! Little Mohammed took one look and shouted, "That me house".

Figure 58 Valley of Nobles (Mohammed’s House)  

Figure 58 Valley of Nobles

Then on to the noble Nakht No 52, he was astronomer and royal scribe in the reign of Tuthmosis III or IV, books differ. This is the famous tomb with the blind harper, dancing girls, cat eating fish under chair. Also offerings of ducks, grain, corn on the cob etc Figure 59 Nakht Tomb of Minatum no 87 then Ramose no 55. Vizier in the reign of Amenhotep III then IV then Rekhmire which shows scenes of workmen smelting gold, furniture making.

Figure 60 Ramose 

In the evening we went and saw Luxor temple, some obvious Roman parts. Tutankhamen restored a lot of this. It was originally built by Amenhotep III; one obelisk from the front is in the Place de Concord. Saw birth chapel and some talatat with Aten sun rays. What a contrast between Ramses II columns and Amenhotep III

Figure 61 Luxor Temple
In the evening we went and saw Luxor temple, some obvious Roman parts. Tutankhamen restored a lot of this. It was originally built by Amenhotep III; one obelisk from the front is in the Place de Concord. Saw birth chapel and some talatat with Aten sun rays. What a contrast between Ramses II columns and Amenhotep III 

Mohammed, Monica’s friend took us for a drink, he has been trying to see her all the time we have been here.

I am being bitten alive by mosquitoes. 

Yes even back then Egyptian men were trying to chat up lady tourists, this Mohammed must have been a bit surprised to invite one lady for a drink and to find her chaperoned by 5 other ladies. Monica was not stupid! The mosquitoes really did have a go at me, I had huge bites everywhere