Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Jane in Egypt 1979 My First trip

12th September 1979 Cairo

Breakfast at 7:00, best one we have had, apricot jam and omelette but we did not arrive at Cairo until 10:20 booked in the Windsor again, had a snack lunch of toasted sandwiches. I didn’t go on trip around Coptic churches, went to sleep instead, I needed it. At 4:30 we went window shopping and changed some money, had an exciting time crossing roads Went to the zoo 1.50 LE taxi and 50pt to get in. Animals seem in good condition, fair amount of breeding, coats sleek and enough food. Saw Alsatian dogs and Siamese cats also in cages very funny. 7:30 dinner. 

I think I was beginning to flag by this time, worth bearing in mind if you organise a trip, some rest days are needed. Notice the lateness of the train, still happens today

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