Friday, 26 August 2016

Maps of the Nobles Tombs

Maps of the Nobles Tombs

The first map is the entire Valley of the Nobles and the second image is the Qurna area alone. I would normally resize them to fit the page but thought you would prefer the full image. There are more maps under the tag MAPS and if you want my Google Earth file just email me

  • TT192 TT44 Assasif Tombs and TT279 Pabasa
  • Valley of the Nobles – Gurna
    • TT55 Ramose, TT57 Khaemhet, TT56 Userhet
    • TT96 Sennefer and TT100 Rekhmire
    • TT69 Meena TT52 Nakht TT41 Amenemopet called Ipy
    • TT51 Userhet, TT343 Benia and TT31 Khonsu
  • Khokha Tombs TT178 Neferronpet, TT296 Nefersekheru, Dhutmosis
  • TT110 Djehiuty
  • Dra Abu Naga TT255 Roy TT13 Shu Roy TT148 Amenemope

Nobles Tombs Map

Gurna Nobles Tomb Map

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