Sunday, 21 August 2016



I was sent this link by the owner and I must admit I really enjoyed the photos

I am a French photographer who has carried out several photo-shootings
in Upper Egypt. So far, I’ve been to Egypt 20 times. I am contacting you
today to present my web site to you. It is entirely dedicated to black
and white silver bromide photography. It includes four links focused on
Upper Egypt (Egypt – Muse – Portraits – West bank). Most of the pictures
were taken to Luxor or around Luxor and on the west bank. When visiting
this web site you might even recognize a few familiar faces you have
come across or people you know personally. Please note that this web
site doesn’t work on a smart phone. A PC / Mac is required as well as a
flash player. ( and - both links provide the same content
from two different servers) This web site also offers other links to the
viewer among which, another one on south Devon (Torbay) and one on Los
Angeles downtown. Fell free to forward me any comments you may think to
be relevant regarding this work Best regards,

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Kamil Zachert said...

Thanks! I enjoyed my time at his gallery very much.