Friday, 12 August 2016

Hidden Luxor Update - can I have your views

So what would you like to see in the new revised Hidden Luxor?

My guide book Hidden Luxor has been hugely popular over the years and I am planning a big update. There are lots of new sites to include as described on my post "What is new to see in Luxor" also I have some serious mobility issues and have recently got myself a mobility scooter and I thought it would be helpful to other people to know which sites are suitable for those of us with those kind of issues.

Please contact me with any ideas


Unknown said...

The mobility issue would be an excellent project to explore. I'm sure that many people with restricted mobility would welcome your input on which sites are suitable. The problems you discover could also be passed on to the relevant authorities to remedy.

stewarth99 said...

NB that the ferry is not suitable for mobility scooters, well it wasn't last time.

Jane Akshar said...

I agree with that! For a start there is no ramp the east bank side only steps.

Unknown said...

Updates on any new finds/sites
Toilets and seats at sites
I take water tablets but dont until the evening because i worry about toilets
Where seating areas are would be really helpful
I love the book and recommend it BUY it if you havent got a copy