Friday, 14 September 2012

Reposting of and updated foreword to "This Is Whom You Fear"

Reposting of and updated foreword to "This Is Whom You Fear": From Doug Baum, posted on Facebook.  A though provoking and sensitive comment by an American who loves the Middle East.

"Last week, while working with our family's camels in Colorado, I met Wasem Mussmari and his wife, Kirby. I welcomed the Denver residents into my Bedouin goat hair tent I'd set up as part of our display representing Lawrence and the Arab Revolt of 1917. After some good conversation, Wasem invited me to visit his family anytime in their home. In Benghazi. At the time, none of us could know that Wasem's home country, Libya, and the US would be thrust into the headlines only days later. Last night, on FB, I asked Wasem if he could offer some thoughts on the situation in Libya..................." Please the full note Full Note

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