Monday, 25 April 2011

Is Egypt safe?

I often get asked this question and it is a puzzle how to reply. What does the questionnaire mean by safe?
Can you go out late at night take a wrong turning and end up dead like in America? No
Do people get gunned down in shopping malls like Holland? No
Is there danger from nuclear fallout like Japan? No
Have any children been bitten by adders like in the UK? No
Has anyone been killed by an earthquake like New Zealand? No
Has there been an armed raid on a Casino like France? No
Was there a cyclone in Egypt like in Australia? No
Have any tourists been hurt or injured during the whole period of the Egyptian revolution? No
Have thousands tourists had a good time, seen the sites empty, enjoyed Egypt since January 25th Yes
Do I personally feel safe living here for over 8 years? Yes
Should you come to Egypt? YES


Adele said...

Having just returned from two weeks in Luxor I felt perfectly safe at all times!! It was wonderful to be back, only so sad to see all the cruise boats lined up and the sights so quiet.


Sand Sifter said...

Just tell them, come and see the wonderful sights and the wonderful people and judge for yourself, I always say, I would worry less about a child alone in Luxor than in most European cities.

Sand Sifter said...

Just tell them to come and visit and judge for yourself, I always tell people I would worry less about a child alone is Luxor then any European city.

pissedoff said...

the sights so quiet sounds like paradise to me.