Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My first e-book - 6 Egyptology Essays

My very good friend and internet marketing guru Colette Mason has persuaded me to do an e-book. It is my first go and the link is here It is 6 essays on a variety of subject written over three years. Full details are on the site.

The essay titles are

* Trace the evolution of funerary architecture from the predynastic pit grave through the development of the mastaba tomb, to the pyramid complexes of the 4th Dynasty.
* Describe the conventions of representation used in Egyptian two-dimensional art. Demonstrate this with reference to the wall scenes in ONE non-royal tomb of the later Old Kingdom.
* Was Hatshepsut a successful king of Egypt?
* Describe the major differences and similarities between a cult temple and a royal mortuary temple of the New Kingdom, giving a detailed description of at least one of each.
* Consider Egypt’s relationships with Libya and the “Sea Peoples” during the New Kingdom and assess their possible contribution to the decline of Egypt’s empire and international standing.
* To what extent does the ‘archaising tendency” of the Saites represent a true revival of Egyptian culture?

We came up with the idea for an e-book as holiday bookings are way down in Egypt and I was looking around for ideas to make money. If we sell a few it means we can keep our staff on until business does pick up. So if you buy you are supporting Egypt as all the money will be spent here. Colette has donated her time and the techy bits that collect the money, for free.

BTW I am not saying these are brilliant essays, I did get high scores but there are other students on the course who have done much better than me. But the essays were sitting there on my computer doing nothing so why not, at least it is not clothing. I have really enjoyed writing them and being on the Manchester course and if you are into Egyptology I reckon you will enjoy getting a bit more in depth Egyptology reading them. The big thing is the book lists which give you the opportunity to read more background. They are in chronological order and you can see the improvements over time as I get more confidence, more knowledge and feedback from the tutors. So to answer your question do I recommend the Manchester course, absolutely I do, it has been fantastic.

If you have any comments after reading them I would love to hear them, please share them, it is good to learn and pass your knowledge on.

I have made some sales already and got some feedback

“Looking good. I bought it and I will be posting around too.”

“I'll order one right now. All the best”

A warning to all students everywhere, don’t copy them. You will be found out and done for plagiarism. They now have electronic checkers that go through essays and if they find a quote from someone else that is not acknowledged you are in big, big trouble. It is just not worth it and anyway part of the fun is finding out for yourself and broadening your own knowledge. Also if you are thinking about doing an e-book yourself, do what I did and check with your university what their rules on copyright are.


Thutmose said...

I look forward to reading them Jane, especially the ones about Hatshepsut and the Sea Peoples.


dicksluxor said...

Now read all the Essays very enjoyable

Jane Akshar said...

thanks for the feed back, I might quote you on that

dicksluxor said...

You can quote me if it helps. If it helps you can use of my pics in your essays.