Saturday, 30 April 2011

Luxor Temple at night

Next time take a tripod! Luxor temple at night is truly magically. I have been telling other people to go there for years and finally did it myself. I did most of my photos resting the camera on a handy nearby stone, pillar or pole.

The first photo was taken on the road a little way from the temple, the angle was dictated by the wall I rested the camera on. You can also get a good shot from MacDonald’s or Snack time.

The beginning of the avenue of sphinxes.

Ramses II look particularly magnificent

A completely different perspective in the dark.

The peristyle hall was wonderful for photos.

To the side of the sanctuary there is the birth room. Now normally the inscriptions are quite tricky to see in daylight but at night-time they were perfectly clear and even a photo was possible.

Exit the temple at the sanctuaries and walk back along the block yard, wonderful in the dark, here are the lady apes, see their skirts : )

The restored mosque is lovely and even the door shows without flash.


Paul Barford said...

Stunning photos Jane. Thanks for posting them.

Stephen said...

Fabulous shots Jane The Temple is just magnificent at night!!

Stephen McLaughlin

iele said...

the temple is magnificent yes indeed ! I wish I was in Luxor now.