Saturday, 30 July 2011

BBC News - Egypt uprising: Islamists lead Tahrir Square rally

According to this article tens of thousands of people demonstrated, can we just put this in perspective. Egypt is a country of 80-90 million so the entire country is being judged by the actions of 0.001 percent of the population. Could we please have some responsible reporting. BBC News - Egypt uprising: Islamists lead Tahrir Square rally: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"


Anonymous said...

Jane, what exactly do you want? What would you consider to be responsible reporting? I don't see anything in the story that strikes me as being untrue. I've seen similar stories in the US media. As far as I know, this demonstration did happen, and they reported it.

Sure, the number of protesters was small compared to the Egyptian population, but I have no doubt that millions of other Egyptians are sympathetic. I don't know what the number is. It may be only 10% or 15%, but it's not insignificant.

In the comment section of stories about this demonstration, I've seen a number of people say they were hoping things were going to improve in Egypt because they wanted to travel there, but now they will hold off.

I would like to visit Egypt again myself, but my Egyptian coworker warns me this is not the right time, and he tells me to wait. He and his family are Copts, though, not Muslim. Last time I talked to him he said the rest of his family still in Egypt are thinking of relocating to Lebanon.

Jane Akshar said...

Personally I would like the reporters to not just talk to activists but to ordinary people. Like your friend. When the internet blackout was on I got phone calls from several media people. When I told them Luxor was quiet and safe they stopped the call. They were only interested in sensationalism. In a country of over 80 million is is unrepresentative not to report a balanced view