Friday, 1 July 2011

Things to do in Luxor - shaving and threading

Here is a non Egyptology Luxor experience for both men and women, shaving and threading. Muslims have rules abou hair removal and have got quite good at it. Men go to a barber regularly and get a cut throat shave and then have a process called threading to trim the eyebrows and remove the tiny hairs on the face like cheeks, ears and nose. Ladies also have this threading. If you are not used to it the first time is really painful but after a while you get used to it and I really enjoy the clean feeling it gives.

Anyway a recent guest persuaded his brother to be done. Now this guest comes regularly to Egypt, is very used to the process and relaxed about it. Here is the hairy before picture,

Then the shave

Then the threading, notice no screams

All very simple, then we got his brother in the chair. OMG this the funniest. I filmed the entire process. We knew it would end in tears, tears of laughter for us and tears of pain for him. If you check out the video he is nice and relaxed until about 7:50 mins and then the threading starts. The laughter is from his loving family and girlfriend . (and me the barber and my cleaner)

but don’t worry he does get his revenge. This is ladies threading mind you although she suffered it was not as much as her fella.

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