Saturday, 16 August 2008

Moulid of Abu Haggag

You know it is getting near Ramadan when the Moulid comes along. The Muslim calender is a lunar one not solar so events move every year.

Some people believe this Moulid is based on the Ancient Opet Festival when boats used to parade through the streets.

There are various 'floats' which sometimes seem to have a theme but other times just seem to be fun.

Children get party hats, there is stick fighting, horse races. Some of the horses have these incrediblly fancy saddles which cost a lot of money. It is noise, dusty and overwhelming but lots of fun for all the family. Tourists are totally welcome but it can be nicer to watch from a safe venue like the Venus Hotel bar.

Even the camels join in and are decorated although this one look bored with the whole procedings

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