Saturday, 6 December 2008

Liverpool museums - National Museums Liverpool

Not Luxor News at all but certainly Egyptology and I have a lot of Liverpool guests :) Liverpool museums - National Museums Liverpool

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Brian Yare said...

I visited the new gallery on December 17th. It is hard to say anything positive about it.

The labelling information was good, including important details such as accession numbers.

But the labels were on a dark background. Reading them in the extremely low lighting levels was difficult, especially when they were poorly positioned.

The exhibition cases were positioned where younf children and those in wheelchairs could easily see them. This made them very difficult for those of normal stature.

There was a lot of empty space, and the few exhibition cases tended to be grouped so that one or two people could block visibility of a lot of exhibits.

The audio-visuals were annoying, and caused reflections further reducing the visibility of exhibits.

I used to work in this museum, back in the summer of 1970. I'm sure that it was easier to see, and photograph, the exhibits then.

The Garstang Museum at Liverpool Museum is much better, although it has only a small collection and is only open Wednesday afternoons in term time.