Sunday, 27 September 2009

Urgent Request for help, interior photos of the Carter House

You may remember this article

I have just had a visit from Hany El Miniawy who is the architect in charge of restoring the Carter House, he was asking for help with interiors. Can anyone point me at any photos of the actual Carter house, interiors only or typical dig interiors from that period.


Steve said...

Hi Jane,
May I suggest that Hani gets in touch with the Griffith Institute, Askmolena Museum, Oxford. All Carter's MSS and particualally all his photos are kept in the archive here. The contact is Dr. Jaromir Malek. There is a website for the GI. Let me know if there is any diffuculty and I shall be please to help further.


Steve Cross

Jane Akshar said...

An email request has been sent to Jaromir but I am not sure from viewing the website there are interior shots, still fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jane, I've found so far following. One new Video YouTube Castle Carter II Elwat el Diban

The Movie "Search Of Tutankhamun" at YouTube. Only a movie but I think some scenes play in Castle Carter II. I start with this scenes. YT Video 1 - YT Video 2 - YT Video 3 - YT Video 4 - YT Video 5 - YT Video 6

...and now search here The Griffith Institute. I also think the contents of some books will be of benefit.

Howard Carter built in 1910, with financial support from Lord Carnarvon, a new excavation house and a new house for himself in Elwat el-Diban at the northern end of Dra Abu el-Naga. Two houses?

Anonymous said...

I had written direct to Mr. Malek!

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we have no photographs of Carter's House. I suggest that you try The Times (The Illustrated London News) Archive. Best wishes.

Jaromir Malek

Then we'll see!

Jane Akshar said...

Thank you but I had already been in touch with Mr Malek. I would appreciate you checking with me before writing as I would hate to offend these people by duplicate requests

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jane, I have found him at the Griffith Institute website as an expert. I was there in search of photos for you. I pointed him to Jane, and he should give you the result. Then he sent the message after 3 hours to me.

I hope you find the photos!