Thursday, 19 November 2009

Update from Osirisnet

We are pleased to announce the publication of three new or significantly
updated pages on Osirinet:

* The tomb of Nefermenu, TT 365, is the first of a new presentation based on
the site, called "A glimpse!". This name refers to very small tombs, or to
others for which we have very few photographs. TT 365 has been chosen to
inaugurate this new chapter because of it's common courtyard with the tomb
Nefersekheru. It's HERE :

* A major photographic update has been made to the tomb of Nefersekheru,
TT 296, with some 100 new photographs. It's HERE :

* And an article devoted to bindweeds has been written. These plants are
very often represented during the Amarna period, and again, during the
Ramesside period. Their representations are very often overlooked by
visitors, though they carry a high level of symbolism. Discover it in this
document. It's HERE :

Enjoy, and remember that we are always glad to read your comments.

Monuments of Egypt

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