Friday, 12 February 2010

Publication of Mosque of Abu-El-Haggag

If you want to learn more about the mosque at Luxor Temple and the inscriptions inside it Mansour Boraik has published in in Memnonia XiX 2008 pages 123-149 I read it today at Chicago House. This publication, from Christian Le Blanc, is mainly in French but the article by Mansour is in English. It has all the epigraphic work detailed out


Anonymous said...

I have this Memnonia, if you want i can scan the article but i remember only one article about Abu-Al-Haggag, By Dr. Mansour. I can check it after tomorrow but i'm sure it was only one article - in English.if you need it, just send a mail -

ps. Memnonia is also available in Chicago House Library but i didn't know, amybe the content of the library is recently updated

Jane Akshar said...

I think you must have misunderstood. I did read it Chicago House, i put it on the blog in case other people wanted to

Gothmum said...

I am looking desperately for this publication in order to complete my work about cryptographic writings of Ramses II. before publication. It seems impossible to get hold of it round here. If anybody has got a copy of this article for me I would be very grateful.
Thanks a lot in advance,