Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hatshepsut's cliff top tomb - photos Richard Sellicks

These photos of Hatshepsut's tomb prior to her selecting a site in the valley of kings. The locations is very remote and their local guide Mohammed was able to get them there. I have his contact details should any of you want to get similar shots. Very reminiscent of Tuthmosis III site I thought.

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Stuart Tyler said...

Thank for these Jane/ Richard. Certainly not the easiest of rock-cut tombs on egypt to access that's for sure, but one of the earliest examples in-and-around the VOK.
I understand that the rock surrounding the outside of this tomb to be rather flaky, so the tomb is little visited and is not full of objects or inscriptions. I would love to visit this tomb when i visit Egypt next (whenever that weill be).

I will also link to these photos from my blog.