Sunday, 30 January 2011

News from Egypt, Luxor, 30th January 2011

Hi, - Colette here again, posting on Jane's behalf.

Another telephone interview giving Jane's eye-witness account of what's happening on the West Bank and how the locals are protecting the antiquities. Situation different to Cairo.

Phone contact has been patchy. Will try another interview tomorrow.

Jane says thanks for the support and not to worry. She is safe, her staff and their families are safe.

Journalists please call +20 (0) 103 564 540 if you would like to contact Jane.


Pamela said...

I heard that a hotel in Luxor was set on fire. Any truth to that rumor? If so, which hotel? Thank you.

Neb Maat Re said...

"Journalists please call +20 (0) 103 564 540 if you would like to contact Jane" - her hourly rate won't that expensive, she promises.

Jane Akshar said...

Colette here replying on Jane's behalf!

@Neb - ha ha! (On a more serious note, Jane thinks the reporting is very biased and does not represent the overall situation in a responsible way.)

@Pamela, Jane went to the East Bank this morning and didn't see/hear anything. I will ask on tomorrow's call.