Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Dear List Members,

We have the pleasure to present to you today the tomb of prince Montuherkhepeshef, which is in the Valley of the Kings and bear the number KV19. It amounts to an entry and a corridor, but the scenes which decorate it, although repetitive, are of a good pictorial quality.

Also, you probably know that confusion reigns in Egypt around the antiques.
Zahi Hawass is no longer Minister of the antiques, a ministry which also disappeared. Ignoring what the status of the Service of the Antiques is, since this one had been officially abolished at the time of the creation of the ministry. Following the protest of the Egyptians working in the domain of the antiques, these last are no longer under the dependence of the ministry of the tourism, but are managed directly by a department of the temporary government.
The situation is serious: the army, which protected the sites, retired. The police, who were to replace it, is not there, if it is present, is armed insufficiently to resist the real organised bands which currently attack the stores on many sites, of which one is Saqqara. You will find more details on the site.
Consequently, we invite you to sign the international petition to the Egyptian transient government concerning the urgent measures aimed at protecting the archaeological site. The petition is supported notably by the International Council of the Museums (ICOM) as well as the International Committee for the Egyptology (CIPEG).
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