Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Egypology Courses at Liverpool and Manchester

Liverpool Ancient Worlds Summer School 2012 (30th July 2012 to 15th August 2012) Archaeology, Classics & Egyptology at the University of Liverpool is pleased to announce the programme for the Ancient Worlds Summer School 2012. This year we will be offering both language and non-language pathways over two and a half weeks, covering many aspects of the ancient world; further details of the courses can be found on the website 
All courses are taught by our department's staff and researchers.
Courses offered this year are:
'From Amarna to Deir el-Medina: Current New Kingdom Research at Liverpool'
'Ancient History and Archaeology: The Ancient Body'
Beginner & Intermediate Hieroglyphs
Beginner Coptic, Akkadian and Sanskrit
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Latin Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Greek For further information, please visit the website at http://sace.liv.ac.uk/ancientworlds/summer-school/
And feel free to contact the organiser, Dr Glenn Godenho at ggodenho@liv.ac.uk
(Tel: 0151 794 2475)

Online courses in Egyptology with the University of Manchester The University of Manchester offers several courses in Egyptology-related topics, delivered entirely online. Courses include:
  1. Certificate in Egyptology programme: A three year online course which provides an opportunity for the serious, academic study of Egyptology.
  2. Diploma in Egyptology programme: A two year extension programme to the Certificate in Egyptology which provides for more in-depth, serious, academic study of Egyptology.
  3. Short Courses in Egyptology: Six week, non-credit bearing courses in Egyptology-related topics, such as:
  • Queens of Ancient Egypt
  • Warfare and Weapons of Ancient Egypt
  • Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
  • Tutankhamen
Course Tutors: Dr Joyce Tyldesley & Dr Glenn Godenho For further details please visit our website:

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