Friday, 5 October 2012

Thebes in the first millennium BC the end

The very last part of the conference was on the Gala Dinner provided by the Ministry of Tourism. In his closing speech Mansour Boraik announced that all attendees at the conference were invited to the Gala Dinner at Luxor Temple. What an opportunity, this was worth the conference fee on its own.

The west entrance by the Nile was opened and a group of dignitaries were lined up to welcome you. This included Naama Tawfik from the Ministry, a very gracious hostess. Then in front of the temple tables were set out and cocktails served. We all mingled :)

After a while the temple lights were dimmed and the music from Aida started, a row of torch bearers provided an avenue for the dignitaries to walk down.

We then took our seats. Madam Naama Tawfik spoke (she gave me a copy of her speech)
“Dear Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen, all delegates of the conference.
On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism ‘You are most welcome to Egypt”.

The conference of ‘Thebes in the first millennium BC’ which ended today was organised by the South Asasif Conservation Project in collaboration with the Ministry of State for Antiquities.

We consider that this Thebes conference is new evidence that confirms to tourists throughout the world who come to Luxor, the greatest outdoor museum, is rich in the awe inspiring monuments of the ancient civilisation and that Egypt is a safe place with open arms to their guests, the tourists of the world throughout the years. We hope that you spent the best time here, in this generous and most welcoming country.

Thank you and hope to see you again.”

Dr Elena Pischikova also spoke and thanked the Egyptian authorities for their support and help.

The top table.with the guests of honour.

The menu was superb a six course meal starter, soup, fish, meat, dessert and coffee with local music and the backdrop of Luxor temple.

I have to complement Sonesta staff and hotel for the food, everything was exactly how it should be and done in an outside kitchen, amazing. Finally a wonderful cake was brought in.

A fitting end to a wonderful conference.

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