Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Model caleche for sale

You may have seen these advertised on Facebook so apologies if this a duplicate. Mr Hag Bedwey is 63 years old, married with 5 children. He used to be a caleche driver but due to the lack of tourists he sold his horse and he now makes models, it is all he can do. He is a Luxor resident, lived here all his life.

The big carriage is 2500LE and the smaller one 800LE.  It took him 3 months to make the big one (30cm by 70cm by 35cm). He can also make to order... however, please remember that as each is hand made they are all different. Please phone  0952280981 / 01091361544 if you are interested. Or contact https://www.facebook.com/mia.tripodi.5 via Facebook as he lives on her street and she is trying to help him.

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