Thursday, 30 July 2015

A visit to the Egypt Centre, Swansea - A hidden gem of child friendly AND scholarly Egyptology

UK Holiday | Jane Akshar: At the Egypt Centre, Swansea. A hidden gem of child friendly AND scholarly Egyptology

Day 9 Egypt Centre at Swansea

I was getting ready in the morning and suddenly Amira is asking for help. She has a bad asthama attack(problem 5) and has been advised to go to hospital. So I drive her to Cardiff, the nearest one. Once she had been given a nebuliser and was stable she let me go to my planned visit to Swansea. So glad because it was great.
The only downside of my visit was the lack of signs at the university but once I made it there it was excellent. You can read more about how it came into being They are very proud of their museum and rightly so. I have never come across a more child centered museum.
They had this excellent mummification demo with a dummy, dressing up, toys, senet games, handling table weighing of the heart. There was so much but combined with a proper displays, with drawers of objects. 25% of the collection is on display and there are excellent brochures given FULL details of the objects. I saw some names/people I recognised; on the lables Ken Griffin, Syd Howells gave me a guided tour and Lauren was on reception.
It is totally disabled friendly (I was using my mobility scooter) and I suspect little known. I really recommend it for families and scholars alike. There is also a Facebook page with a picture of yours truly

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