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New tombs TT40 TT277 TT278

Qurnet Murrai: comprises of the nobles tombs of Tomb TT 40 of " Imn hotep – Hwy" Viceroy of King Tutankhamun in Kush and Governor of the South Lands, Tomb TT 277 of " Imnement" Divine Father of Imn hotep III palace, and Tomb TT 278 of " Amunemheb" Herdsman of Amun Re in the New Kingdom. The ticket is the one for Deir el Medina the workers village making that ticket VERY good value. 5 tombs, village and temple
 Qurnet Murrai is located almost directly opposite the ticket office. TT277 and TT278 are at the bottom of the hill and TT40 is near the top. It is a steepish climb but the effort is worth it.
There is a full Facebook photo album here and the other people who went with me have their albums here. All these are public so even if you are not on Facebook you will be able to view them.
Once you get to the tomb the entrance is direct into the hillside, it is a typical T shaped tomb with only the transverse corridor decorated. There is a statue group at the end.
There are some fantastic drawings on the web and I encourage you to search.

 The decoration is very connected with Huy’s role as the Viceroy of Kush.  So shows a lot of Nubian figures, tribute and boats. The cartouches of the king have been hammered out
 SE wall Huy inspects products from Nubia
SS wall has a stele
SW wall has Huy returning from Nubia, Nubian tribute including twin beds with head rests and Tutankhamen receiving the offerings seated in a pavilion
NE wall shows the appointment of Huy in front of Tutankhamen seated in a pavilion
NN wall has a stele; there is a little vignette of the KA being presented to a BA bird
NW Shows Huy adoring Osiris and tribute from Syria in front of Tutankhamen
The celling is beautiful decorated with a geometric pattern

There are some details about the owner here


Ameneminet (or Amenemonet), a priest in the service of the god Ptah-Sokar, in the Temple of Millions of Years of king Amenhotep III. He is actually alive during the Ramaside period but because of his job he shows Amenhotep III
All the detail you could possible wish for about TT277 is  here Highlights for me were Ahmose Nefertari and Amenhotep I being adored, the variety of fish in the Nile, Amenhotep III and Tiye. There is a steep step to get down and the guardians will give you a hand up and down

TT278 tomb of Amenemheb (Herdsman of Amun-Ra) There is a plan here but sadly the site is restricted.  

Highlights were Hathor emerging from the mountain and as the lady of the sycamore. Also a nice Osiris in his shrine

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