Tuesday, 28 March 2017

MS761 27th march taking a laptop in hold luggage experience Egypt to UK

Michael on the roof returned to the UK yesterday. He was on the direct flight from Luxor to Heathrow. He had his laptop with him and this is his experience under the new rules regarding no laptops in cabin luggage.

Highest manual security I have seen anywhere. All laptops in hold baggage, but five separate examination points. Took ages. At one, the laptop had to be taken out, and switched on, and was then examined minutely by some one who seemed to know what he was looking  for. Not a cursory glance, but labels checked, battery removed, checked and
replaced, and my case sealed. ( Sealed so effectively that when I arrived at the UJC I couldn't cut it off, and had to borrow a knife from the kitchen.)

Incidentally, one of the police checkers who had gone back through the reception area was made to go through security again, as was the flight crew.

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Unknown said...

Well if that doesn't encourage more tourists to visit Luxor I don't know what will. Over the last few years I been very impressed with the security at Luxor airport, equally as good as in the UK. I just wish that tour operators would restart direct flights to Luxor and for Egypt airlines to fly directly from Gatwick as Heathrow is a nightmare to get to from Kent.