Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Security at Luxor airport.

Security at Luxor airport.  5th June 2017

Report from Joanne Stables

Following the implementation of the
relatively new electronics ban on all flights to the UK from Egypt, I was
happily surprised that everything at the airport was running smoothly. At the
main entrance to the airport, the underneath and boot of the car was checked
for hidden devices, and travellers are required to show their passport &
flight ticket. At the entrance to the terminal, passport and flight tickets
must be show again. Just inside the terminal, all luggage are put through a
baggage scanner whilst passengers pass through a metal detector and are 'padded
down' by a security officer. After this, passengers are then sent over to have
their luggage checked for traces of illegal substances; this seems to be part
of the normal procedure now.

Finally off to check-in! Here, staff remind
passengers of the electronic ban and answer any questions. As my laptop and
external hard drive were already in my hold luggage, the staff did not ask to
see them. As I had declared the laptop, the check-in staff secured my padlock
and zips on my case with cable ties, and a fragile label was attached.
Following check-in, the procedure through passport control remains unchanged.
The security check (involving a baggage scan and metal detector) between the
duty free and gate also remains the same.

What has changed is that before travellers
get to the gate, there are two more additional security checks before reaching
the gate; at both, travellers are required to write their name and passport
number in a book. At the first additional check, security staff hand search all
your bags. At the second additional security check, travellers are either
required to have their bags searched again or have their luggage tested for
traces of illegal substances. These last two security checks seem a little hit
and miss and at no point was I asked to show that my cameras and mobile phones
were working. I would argue, that the two additional security checks are
overkill and unnecessary.

Now back in the UK, I am happy to report my
laptop arrived in one piece despite seeing the baggage handlers at Heathrow
ignoring my suitcase was identified as fragile. For anyone else travelling back
to the UK with a restricted electronic device, I highly recommend wrapping it
in bubble wrap. I went further and placed my laptop in a sturdy cardboard box
which was placed between hardback books in the centre of my suitcase.

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Unknown said...

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