Sunday, 19 November 2017

Local Life in Luxor

I just went out for a pottle on my mobility scooter in the village. First I went to the family to visit, it is so lovely when the kids see the scooter and run out yelling Jane, Jane. The date palm next to the house was being cut. They use these young branches to weave furniture, chairs, beds etc. The boy climbing the tree had no safety equipment. He just ran up there with a loop of loose rope which he would hitch up the trunk. Once up he dispensed with that and just hung on. I don’t look, it scares the willies out of me. Trundling along loads of people were saying hello, everyone seemed to be out. The weather is so pleasant. Just dropped below 30 and the nights are a bit chilly 15 now. In the sun it was quite warm.

I bought some peanuts, bananas, crisps and a drink. All without leaving my scooter, the shop keepers came out and served me. Only in Egypt.

Down at the Nile there is a medical clinic that is open, free to everyone, until Wednesday. It is sponsored by Vodaphone and from a private university hospital in 6th Oct a district of Cairo. I had a chat with one of the doctors. They are doing operations like hernias, c-sections, carpal tunnel for poor people. We had a chat about my back and he agreed, don’t let anyone touch your spine until you cant sit or are in continual pain.

They were also giving away free books for the childrem

Coming back a woman lowered a basket from her balcony to pass a dish to her friend, a traditional way of buying things from the street.  Although I love the history of Luxor it is also a joy to experience everyday life in the village

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